Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hot Pink Hot Yoga outfit

Jalie Tank Leotard and Biketard 3138So I have a plan. We bought hot pink peachskin material at Stretch Text last weekend.That coupled with Jalie's 3138 Unitard will make a nice new outfit for hot yoga.

I want to add lining and bra inserts and power mesh to the front. I will take what I learned during my sewing class for the bathing suit and modify it for this pattern.

The pattern is 3 pieces and the lining would be basically lining, an elastic band, power mesh and then lining again. And I would sew in the bra inserts. But why am I so scared to do it?

I plan on tracing the pattern tomorrow evening and then this weekend sewing it. Now that we got the CoverPro rolling and we bought cool pink thread for it I can forge ahead!

Wish me luck! And then I just have to have the guts to wear it during class. Most of the women are clad in head to toe black. Then there I will be - Hot Pink in Hot Yoga...


So I traced the unitard pattern, size "T". I will be cutting the material single fold so I traced the pattern pieces for both sides. I learned in my bathing suit class that it is best when working with bathing suit material to not cut on the fold. Since there are 3 pieces to this pattern it is not too much work. Plus if I like this pattern I will use it on my crazy spandex pattern that I chose. I like to see how a pattern piece lies on fabric when there is a pattern.

I traced the front pattern piece to make the lining. After the kids go to sleep I will modify the lining to be lining, elastic and power mesh to control the belly, and then lining again. We can't go to hot yoga without a) proper coverage and support for the ya-yas and b) proper lining. You sweat, A LOT during hot yoga. And this is not black. I want coverage. This is peachskin, so it is nice and thick, but still.


I decided that I would like the legs to be a bit longer. I am comfortable in these Lululemon shorts. They are the perfect length. I will copy this length to the pattern. In bridge or downward dog I may find the pattern a bit short.

 This UHU glue stick is the best for pattern modifications. When you apply the glue it goes on in a nice purple streak. When it dries it dries clear. This way you don't have glue everywhere sticking your paper to everything. And you know exactly where you applied the glue.

You can find this anywhere, but Simon bought it at Bureau en Gros (Staples).

Now this is what I meant with the lining. I cut the pattern piece where I want to elastic inserted and I added 1 cm to both pieces to allow for seam allowances. The top is lining, then an elastic band, and then power mesh on the bottom. I have a nice light power mesh. I mistakenly bought a very sturdy one at Stetch Text, which I believe you would use in your skating outfits. That would not be comfortable in hot yoga.

In my swim suit class we were taught to avoid putting pins in spandex as much as possible. This is why I traced the entire pattern with no fold lines. Perhaps it does not matter and I could cut on the fold, but this is how we were taught, and this is how I sew. It takes a bit more time, but I am not sewing for speed. I like the entire process. And if you are using a fabric with a pattern you can see exactly where the pattern piece lies.

Now that all the pieces were cut out I could sew them together. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding Jalie's instructions. This may be because I have a hard time following along visually. It takes me a while to catch what is being instructed in a picture. It has to be clear and I have to attempt it. I am more hands on. Once I do something, put it together and see how all the pieces fit together, then I will get it. Otherwise I will sit there and scratch my head.

I could not visualize the crotch pieces from what I had to what was pictured below. I was like "What the HELL??? SIMON HELP!"

The material curls A LOT. A simple solution to make it more manageable is to sew the lining to the front piece and work with it sewed together. This made it easy-peasey to work with. I did this to the front and the crotch pieces.

One other boo-boo I made was I did not modify the pattern for the crotch. I guess this is where not being able to visualize how all the pieces go together comes into play. Since I extended the legs I had to extend the crotch, as it runs on the inside of your legs. DUHHHH.

Once I fixed all my mistakes I sewed it together. I tried it on for fit and made my adjustments to the shoulders. I am short, I could have modified the pattern before cutting anything out, but I didn't. I then serged all the seams.

Now it is on to the bindings. I will use the technique I learned in my tissue extensible course and use a Chanel binding insertion. I think I will use a wider pattern for the pieces as the material curves like crazy. I had a fight with my CoverPro and I (meaning Simon) is ripping out my stitches at the moment. I will get this done in time for tomorrow's Hot Yoga class. The lining is sooo worth it. I would not make another one without it.


I was dreaming of finishing my outfit all night. I wanted to widen the bindings to make it easier to work with. I did not look at the instructions too long, so perhaps she instructs us to sew on the bindings the way I did, perhaps not. I used the Chanel binding technique. It is rather easy and simple. Just be sure to mark the 4 points on your binding and on your material.

The collar and armholes went on smoothly and so did the hems on the legs. I learned how to use the CoverPro and I ended the seams all by myself! Yeah! I did not need Simon's help. The results are not 100% perfect. I am a perfectionist and I strive for perfection in my work. I have only used this machine a few times, so the results are pretty awesome for a newbie, if I do say so myself.

Now onto the bra inserts. Ummmm, they are too small. Perhaps that is why I did not like my bathing suit that I made. I found the inserts oddly placed. I now have to go back to the store and buy more stuff. YEAHHH! But I will not have time to complete it for a yoga class today. Just as well. I will wear it tomorrow. The class will have less people in it and if I have a wardrobe malfunction there will be less people to see it.

Hand sewing the inserts was harder than i remembered. You don't want to see the outer layer so you want to be careful. I mist likely will sew the cups prior to construction on the next one.

It is finally done. I had to buy 36 cup inserts. I had a hard time picking them out as the ones I wanted were sold out. Of course, my size is always sold out.

I did not want inserts that were too rigid nor too narrow. 

The outfit stays put in downward dog. Sam loves to do the downward dog.

I should have lined it in the back. The material is thick, but I was afraid it would be see through. That is why I lined the front completely. The back you can see the color of my underwear. 

Oh well, I will know for next time. I will have to wear pink undergarments when I wear this. Good thing Hot Yoga is done in a dimly lit room.

The next one I sew (I have already cut it out) I will not sew the bra inserts into it. I will create an opening so that I can insert them and remove them when I wash it.


  1. That is absolutely lovely outfit for yoga! It is so expensive to purchase something like this at the shop. I did not know that I can do it at home! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!