Monday, March 31, 2014


So I received a great opportunity from BZZ agent to try a new product. I am selective about the products I test, as I only accept products that I do use in my daily life, and not just a as a means to get a free product to try. Their newest product for testing was Lavazza Drip coffee. Who doesn't LOVE coffee? I am always on the lookout for new coffee to try! I was not aware of the company before, and I certainly did not know they were the 6th largest roaster in the world!

We were given 2 types of coffee to try. They are both pre-ground coffees, one is Dark roast and the other is a chocolate flavor. The first thing you notice is that when you open the package there is an amazing aroma. It is like fresh baked bread and the most amazing smell of fresh toast filling the air. It is a nice fragrance. The coffee brews very well, and the taste and color is very nice. I prefer a dark roast coffee and I am not a fan of flavored coffee. I LOVE the taste of coffee and I do not to mask it or change it. But I do have to say that the chocolate flavor was not overpowering and did not take away from the taste of the coffee/ But with that being said, I do prefer he dark roast.

Simon has asked that we purchase this (dark roast) on our next grocery run. You should pick up this coffee and try it for yourself! I know you will not be disappointed!