Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cub Scout Thank you cards and a Mother's Day Card.

I bought the new Cricut Explore Air 2 machine. Here is my first project, a Mother's Day card from is to My Mom. We are very pleased with the results.
 It was really quick and easy. The first time we used it we did not know that there were 2 types of mats. A sticky one, and a less sticky one for paper. Now we know, lol!
 It even cut out the envelope, so cool!

Then I got out my laminator and made these cool labels. Our Scouting year is coming to an end. I found these cool labels for Cub Scouts and printed them off and plasticized them.

These will be for my fellow Beaver Scouters. My youngest saw this box and keeps trying to eat them!

Here is the card I printed off. There is a song the kids sing when it is taking too long :


Non stop, can get grating, lol

And here is the inside....

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Next course: Custom Made Pants / Pantalon sur mesure

The next course that Simon and I are taking is how to sew pants tailored to our specific measurements. We have started off taking our measurements. There were so many of them. This week we are tracing our patterns and marking on them our specific measurements.

The course follows an old OOP Jalie pattern, 964. This pattern I did not have, I do have Jalie 966, and the pattern pieces are labelled the same, so I could use that pattern. But me being me I tracked down someone selling the 964 pattern on Kijiji and bought it. I also scored MANY other Jalie patterns and some cool pattern for winter snow suits,

Now the next pattern we needed was for Simon. We can't use the pattern we use in the class for his pants. I don't think he wants girl's jeans. I do have a few patterns from Kwik Sew. But I wanted a pattern that was more than 3 sizes S-M-L. And Simon wants to add all kinds of pockets and make them zip off pants.

I do have 977 in my stash, but the waist is an elastic drawstring. We could modify the waist and add a fly, but that seemed like a lot of extra work. Instead I ordered a PDF copy of 2107. You don't find too many patterns out there for men. This is a classic fit, good for shorts, pants and jeans. Simon will only have to modify the pattern to add a zipper. He is in heaven modifying patterns. He has so much fun!

Now that I bought the PDF pattern we had to print it, cut some edges and tape it together.

This is not a hard thing to do, it just takes more time.

But seeing as most patterns for men in Jalie are OOP and I couldn't find the pattern I wanted used or in store, we don't have much of a choice.

I am always on the lookout for specific patterns or items on Kijiji. I scored 19 patterns for $15. The pants pattern I needed for my class, the rest were a bonus! They have never been cut, only traced. They are in pristine condition. She even gave me envelopes of her tracings. As the kids got bigger they needed bigger sized shirts.

There is even a Kwik Sew book on sweatshirts with the patterns. The patterns have never been used.

We even have patterns for snow suits.

Now this one is my favorite! Simon asked if people went to work in their PJ's. Elastic waist with pockets, in funky patterns. Yup, I am SOOOO making this for him. LOL