Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jalie 2108 Winter Ski jacket class 3 & 4

So week three brings our pockets. Seeing as we did the sample of a zippered pocket in 6 steps, we should be good to go to put the pockets now in our jacket.Simon had MANY pockets, and he was able to do them all with no issues, including the facing for the pocket openings. They just took FOREVER! We are one week behind. Here we are Sunday, after class #4, and we are doing class #4 stuff only now.
What I neglected to say was that it is our anniversary weekend, my mom has the kids and we have wasted all this time F***ing around with my stupid jacket and the princess seams. We have redone the pockets on this at least 4 times. I say f**k it, I give up. Simon will try one last time. I don't care.

So class 4 we learn to install a facing at the bottom to the jacket, a drawstring or jupette and the removable hood. So far we have done the drawstring and we are doing the facing. I hope we have enough time to finish Simon's jacket. It is looking really professional. Mine is sitting on the couch looking sad and depressed. I hate my jacket.

 Here is Simon's jacket at the end of a long journey. So glad the finish is in sight!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bathing Suit: Finally finished

This week I have to go swimming with my Scouts group. I don't have a bathing suit that fits me, or one that is in good condition. The bathing suits I have I would not want to be seen wearing in public, especially not jumping in and out of a pool with kids. That pushed Simon and I to FINALLY finish the bathing suit. It has been sitting in my "to complete" bin since this spring. I had that one last class, then I forgot (not really...) all about it. I was TERRIFIED of sewing on the elastics. I am not sure why, but it was stressing me out. When in fact the elastic part is quite simple.

The hard part was the gather on the front middle. You will notice I don't have one. We tried sewing one on, but I kept putting it crocked, and my boobs looked lopsided. So I omitted it this time. The next time I make it I will give more room for my butt, a higher curve on the hips and lower in the front. This suit is meant to stay on and not move. I want this suit to be able to jump in and out, dive, and hold a VERY active 2 year old in my arms, one who likes to pull on things, hence the high neckline.

I would love to create another suit, and I am no longer afraid of elastics. Let me wear this in the pool and get back to you on that one! All in all I am really proud that I got this suit completed. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Especially with all the sewing we got done on Sunday for our jackets!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jalie 2108: 2nd sewing class done!

Simon and I made a mistake by waiting until Friday night to start our homework this week. By skipping Thursday our timeline was off. But I fell asleep on the couch putting the kids to bed and we were too tired. Remember what happens when you sew when you are tired? I did not want that to happen again, especially with the price of this material!

I was hesitant putting together the pieces, I am not sure why. But we trudged forward, putting together Simon's jacket first. But it was simple and straightforward. After sewing the pieces together, Simon chose a fun design for the topstitching. He chose a simple black for the contrast.

The next step he chose a contrast red to sew his name. We have the machine that can do this, so why not? We tested the fonts, the fabric and the thread, and away he went! He really likes putting little details like this in his projects. He has an eye for the finishing touches, in sewing and in his construction job. The two are really similar. So, in case he forgets his name....

 Now, check out his work, I am really proud! 

What is left is to sew the liners together. Then we have to do mine, and then the pockets in 6 steps portion of our homework. But I have to finish my bathing suit, as I have to go swimming this Thursday with Scouts. I am a Leader, so it would look poorly if I did not go, I would not want people to think I have a complex about going swimming, but I don't have a bathing suit that fits! So I HAVE to get my coat finished today, as on MOnday I can dot he elastics at home or take a Monday night class to help me finish up my projects.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jalie Yoga Pants 3022

The last item Simon and I made during our sewing class was Jalie's 3022 Yoga pants. We bought some black Suplex at Stretch Text. One side is super glossy and the other is nice and soft. If your hands are rough it is a pain, as the material sticks to you! And trying to line up the fabric wring side to wring side is a PAIN! But I digress....

We did not adjust anything on the pattern, we cut out according to my hip measurements. And we did not use the pattern for the waistband. I measured where the pants arrived, where I wanted them to go, and that would be the basis.

Once the pants were sewed up, I measured the waist opening, seams to seams, times 2, took 7/8 (more like 3.4 after adjustments) and added 1 cm for seam allowances. 

The result is a comfortable pair of pants. At first try (minus the waistband) I thought they would be too tight, but they are good and comfortable.

 We made a notch in the back of the band, as pants always seem to be too large in the waistband for me

We used a fun topstitch pattern in red for the back 2 seams. The back legs are 2 pieces and this is a nice detail. 

Here you can see the notch better, don't worry, I won't leave the house like this!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jalie 2908 Stretch Jeans Finally finished

 So I finally finished my Jalie Jeans, thank God! I had an issue with the fly last May, got discouraged and decided to put this aside. My old sewing teacher gave me BAD advice, like the type of zipper to use, not to use a double needle when topstitching, etc.... She did nto even know how to do the fly construction! What's up with that??? The more I take real professional sewing classes, the madder I get at Fabricville for wasting my money with Pauline and her ineptness.

Anyways, here are the jeans. I am happy that I am done, but they are not perfect.

For one, they are a bit high-waisted. The jeans are comfortable, but I am short. I would like to do the rise about 1 inch lower next time.

I would like to reduce the flare on the jeans a bit. As I said, I am short and I  feel the flare is a bit wide for my leg.

but the pocket placement is awesome and it makes my derriere look awesome! 

The pockets in the front bulge a bit and the zipper is a bit too large and pokes out of the fly flap. Next time I will not listen to Pauline's advise. If I wear this Jalie 2566 with it, you can't see the awkwardness of my work.

I ripped out my stitches on the fly at least 4 times. My topstitching gave me grief, and as usual when we tried to do the buttonhole, it did not work very well. Topstitching and buttonholes can kiss my...................

 All in all, I am proud that I got these jeans completed. I could have turned a blind eye and started another project, but I vowed to finish all unfinished projects before starting a new one. Next I will finish the Jalie Yoga pants and then the bathing suit from my sewing class last spring!


Jalie 2566: Modify for medium and long dress

In our sewing class, Simon and I learned how to modify the shirt pattern to make a dress. The pattern for the regular shirt has a high neckline and is obviously shorter than a dress.

This was a fun pattern to modify. We have made all kinds of necks, V necks, mock turtlenecks,  scoop neck. I have modified the sleeves, full, short, 3/4. Now we made it into a medium and long dress.
 We took the shirt pattern and made it longer for a dress. Instead of making a pattern to fit my curves, we cut straight,

Once sewed, I tried the dress on inside out. Simon pinned the dress and marked my measurements. He REALLY liked this part. 

We then used the curved ruler to trace the measurements, and left our seam allowances. 

I cut the material to the seam allowances and sewed it.

And this is the result:

Modified scoop neck, 3/4 sleeves, length, and Chanel neck binding:

We also made this dress in a longer version with 3/4 sleeves and scoop neck:

Next sewing class: Winter ski jacket Jalie 2108

Simon and I have started our next sewing class together. We are taking a 5 week course to make a winter Ski jacket. This class is quite intensive and requires about 40 hours of work time. I am kinda freaking out as we are both making a jacket on our own, so that work time is quite a bit more. We do our work together, we are a real team. Whatever I don’t catch, he does. Patterns and placement really clicks for him and I am good at taking notes.

We are using a discontinued pattern from Jalie, 2108. Our instructor has been teaching this class for over a decade (so I gather), and her class has detailed notes. We are modifying the pattern to make it more modern, and also to suit our tastes.

I am going with a size “P” and Simon is using a size “S”. I am modifying it to look like a Kanuk jacket, “Contrecoeur”. It retails for regular $795! Mme Dorothee says that the finishing on our jacket will be superior, not to say that the Kanuk jackets aren’t good, they are excellent!

Simon will make either the Trois-Rivières or the Beauport. I think more the Beauport, as he does not want the draw cord.

Our first class we worked on the pattern. The man's pattern is not modified too much. We used the front back, sleeve and hood pieces. Simon only needs to adjust for his length.

Me, I need to make the sleeves more narrow, adjust for the length, insert princess seams front and back, and draw my pockets. We made our lining and our facing from the pattern front and back.

Simon and I finished our homework by Saturday night. We would have been done by Friday, if not for a 2 year old that decided for 2 nights that he would wake up at 00:30! And Halloween, and life, work, 2 kids. But I am happy by Saturday we were done with the pattern. Now we have time to yackle the unfinished projects and organize my sewing area and fabric stash!