Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween PJ's Simplicity 9499

So I made Tyler some Haloween PJ bottoms using our graveyard fabric. I used Simplicity 9499 pattern. I traced out the pattern using tracing paper we purchased at DeSerres. It is a good thing I used the tracing paper as this pattern I will use over and over. It is so simple and quick! It took me 1 1/2 hours to make these bottoms and I was going nice and slow.
This time I made sure the graveyard was going in the proper direction. You only make that mistake once, lol! Tyler still asks me why the haunted houses are upside down. Oops.

One good tip is to sew a tag in the back of the pants so when you go to put on the pants, you will know which is the front and which is the back. Kids need a little help sometimes!

And Voila! New PJ pants for Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Butterick 5510 Infants' Shirt, T-Shirt, Pants and Hat


I chose Butterick's 5510 for Sam's pants and PJ bottoms. There is one piece that is used for the front and bottom. If I used 1.25 meters of fabric I can get a PJ for Tyler and a PJ for Sam. It is super easy and quick. I made the pants with the stripe on it, but omitted the stripe. By luck I placed the pattern on the material in the correct direction, so Sam's haunted houses are in the proper direction. Like he would notice!

It turned out great. It was quick and simple. I like that.

One issue I had was with sewing the elastic for the bottom. The elastic was hard to work with on my machine. But now I know that I should just take out the tray and I will have much more room to work with. I had originally sewed it by hand but it came apart. Once I did it by machine it stayed put.

 The good thing about this pattern is that it can be long and still wearable because of the elastic. The elastic keeps it above the ankle. Always good!
I plan on making the Jeans style pants out of recycled jeans. I have a pair that are too big for me (ok, more than 1 pair) and instead of throwing them away I plan on making Sam a pair of new pants. With Tyler wearing his pants for 2 years in a row we do not have many hand me downs in terms of pants. I can make a lot of pants into shorts or Bermudas! 

Simplicity 9499 Unisex Pajamas

Simplicity 9499 Unisex Pajamas and knit top


This is a great pattern. It has sizes for adults and sizes for children. It has great value. The pants are quick and simple and so is the waistband.
I first did this with Halloween material that was on sale at Fabricville for $1.99/meter. I did a boo boo on Tyler's pants, as the haunted houses are upside down, but now I know how to lay out directional material. We learn best from our errors, n'est pas? Tyler is happy and he thinks I rock.

Now I tried to make another pair for Tyler in flannel and I was super tired and brain dead, and I do not know what I did but I attached all the pieces incorrectly and had finished the pants when I noticed. I undid all the pieces and will attempt it again today. The flannel ones are for PJ day at daycare on Tuesday and he chose the fabric, so I hope I did not goof too badly! I trimmed the crotch area and everything.
So much for wasting my sewing time that Simon helps he have. Another lesson learned, do nt sew when you are dog tired!
Ok, so I went back to it this morning and the only error I did was when I went to assemble the PJ's front to back and sew the side seams, I placed them incorrectly. I do not know how I did it, but I put them together wrong. So I ended up undoing all my seams for nothing, lol.
Oh well, at least I now know how to selvage a project when all goes wrong. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

PJ bottoms Butterick 5572


 I decided to make Simon some nice & comfy pj's. I used Butterick 5572 for the bottoms. It took one evening, a few hours from start to finish. I used Flannelette that was on sale Fabricville for 3.99 a meter. The pattern was super easy to follow. I used size medium, and adjusted for length. I liked how easy the pockets were to make. It builds your sewing confidence. I even added a waistband for the elastic.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sewing Fall 2012

Ok, so I started my second sewing class at Fabricville. I will be finished my pants tonight, I am so excited. The pants may be too wide for me, we will have to see. It is not a question of the wring size or measurements, just a question of the wrong style. This will have to be something I learn, as I find it hard to pick put a nice pattern and visualize it on me.

I am making Butterick 5682, style E. The pattern itself was quite difficult. Even my seq wing instructor thought it was more complicated that need be. I kept making mistakes, having to rip out my stitches and start again. Having done all that, it really sunk in and I learned something! It is true what they say, you learn in making mistakes!

Misses' Easy to Sew Skirts & ShortsBecause of this, I was able to finish my shorts, Simplicity 2258.  I started the shorts in the summer and never got past the sewing stage. Because I could understand how to position the pants/legs together, I was able to follow the simple instructions. I now need my instructor to finish the seams with her Serger and the cuffs. I found these shorts to be quite bulky on me.But I got them done in one day and they were a great confidence builder.

 I also finished Butterick 5753 Misses Top. I did version B. Once again I bought a pattern that would be WAY TOO bulky on my frame. I'm learning, I'm learning. However, I did finish this in one day and I felt great about completing something with no errors, and having it look like the picture. I can wear it with a belt and vest and still rock it! 
PhotoI have some really nice stretchy knit material to match the pants I am making. Seeing as my original choice for the shirt is too bulky, I did not want to waste the material. I bought some cheap fabric from Village des Valuers to do this top.This material is a polyester something, lol. This way I did not waste the pattern, nor my good material.

Oh! And the most exciting news! I figured out the PJ's pattern! I put together the back, inside seams and shoulders! Yippee! I figured it out. This sewing class has really catapulted my sewing knowledge. I do understand the instructions for the zipper, but I do not want to waste all my hard work. I am going to bring it to my class tonight and ask Pauline if I am doing it correctly. I am sooo happy!