Sunday, November 5, 2017

Getting things done!

So now that we have a plan, it is time to complete a few items on that list. Sunday morning we finished the winter jacket. The only remaining thing today was the hood. This we will worked on today. It is satisfying to get this project completed!

 Now it can snow and get super cold, I am ready!

I am so happy that we were able to complete this without too much struggle. The 2nd, 3rd jacket really takes much less time and effort!

I also found a pair of pants for Tyler that needed to be shortened. Ty does not do buttons, it is very hard for him. He simply refuses. Finding a pair of pants that have an elastic waistband is impossible in size 10 and up. So I better shorten these before he grows out of them!

It was a quick and satisfying project. For his pants I went to Value Village and bought a few pairs. I cannot justify paying $30+ on a pair that he will ruin in about 2 weeks time. I also found some funky Zombie Crossing long sleeve shirts that he loves. I also snagged a zippered jacket from the gap that was brand new! The pockets were still sewed up. A few items crossed off my sewing list! I only need to sew PJ bottoms now. A trip to Club Tissue with Simon meant about 6 more PJ projects. OOPS!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Goal Setting: Sewing projects for Fall 2017

Sometimes it helps to set goals, to put pen to paper, and to commit to it! After we finish up my jacket this week I want to finish Simon's pants, sew Tyler some PJ bottoms and make him some sweat pants. Then to sew Simon's winter jacket!

My jacket will be done by Sunday this week.

Simon's pants: Give me 2 weeks

Ty's PJs and pants: One weekend afternoon.

My snow pants from a sewing course that I NEVER finished (From 2014!)

 For Tyler's pants Jalie 3355 is a good choice. I need to make the next size up so I will have to retrace the pattern. The pockets have a nice topstitching detail, so I can funk it up with topstitching details.

For Tyler's PJ bottoms I will use my old pattern Simplicity 9499. Again, I will need to trace the next size up.

I need to finish my snow pants from 2014, I play a lot in the snow and I need pants that fit! I used Jalie 2109 in a sewing course and we left the last few steps not done.
My Snow pants: Not finished yet!

I feel that if we had 1 more week of classes after the last class we would get more completed. Often I have questions during the last stages of completion. And there are a lot of last minute questions and fitting issues during the class that I feel rushed. Like in my pants class I never did my pair of pants. There was too much chitter chatter and fitting issues. I gave up. And now I gain a few pounds, so it is a moot point since I did my pattern. 

Wish me luck!