Saturday, January 21, 2017

Minecraft themed loot bags

For my oldest son's birthday party we decided on a Minecraft theme for the loot bags. He is 9 years old and it's getting hard to do loot bags. I think it's going to be the last year of loot bags for his birthday party. I don't want to give out useless toys that are just going to end up in the garbage. It costs an arm and a leg for toys that are not very practical and cheap.

But what do 9 year old boys like? If your kid is anything like mine it is Minecraft!

My son is obsessed with Minecraft, so what better theme for his [arty than his favorite game! Call of Duty is not really an appropriate theme for a kid's birthday party so his second favorite game will just have to do.

I scoured the internet looking for ideas I like and decided on the below. I printing off labels that I stapled to Ziploc bags. I took pictures of numerous Minecraft items and found their food equivalent in real life. Melons are the watermelon candies, sticks are pretzel sticks, carrots are cheesy poofs, obsidian is Oreos, cookies are cookies, TNT are twizzlers sticks, coal is chocolate bits, the Trappe door are Cheese Nips, diamonds are Hershey Kisses in a blue wrapping.

I looked all over the internet to find a fun container to put it all in. This is what really sells the loot bags / crates.  I did not want to hand out plastic baggies stuffed with junk food. I wanted the loot bag to really WOW them.

I went to the Dollar Store and I found a green square bin, kind of like a small milk crate. It was perfect! I then got green transparent wrapping paper to wrap up all the items inside the Box. I hope the kids enjoy it!

At the party we decorated the table with more Minecraft labels, Creeper Juice, "Carrots", Cake, Dirt and Grass, etc. I was supposed to have a party room, but the company goofed up. I had a table out in the open. This turned out not to be such a bad thing. Every kid (and teenager) that passed stopped to oogle the Minecraft display. Everyone LOVED the cake and Dirt and Grass.

Now this cake was our first attempt at making a cake with a frosting bag. It got a bit shmushed in the transportation, but it was still an awesome creeper cake!

We bought the Wilton tips and disposable bags. This was a fun project, once I figured out how to attach the tips. I practiced first on cupcakes.

We bought the Wilton icing coloring and used Kelly green, leaf green and red for the middle lava layers.

This is a four layer cake. We frosted the inside layers with red, orange-y lava. Simon but red sugar crystals in the icing. When you cut it it looks GREAT!

All in all it was a sugar induced Minecraft party that all enjoyed. I am not sure if the kids had more fun on the trampoline and at laser tag, or if we did! Now on to plan my Mario Bros themed Beaver Scout camping trip!

***disclosure*** I ripped off and copied many people on the Internet. Most of the above ideas are not originally mine. I have been heavily influenced by the internet and Pinterest