Thursday, February 28, 2013

Husqvarna Overlock HClass 200S

I had my husband call Excelle Machine a Coudre yesterday to see when their sale on Husqvarna Overlocks will finish. Good thing as it is TODAY their last day. Over $200 rebate! That is no chump change! I have researched and researched it, and this is the baby I want for my 40th birthday. I saved up all my gifts since last year. No Christmas gifts, no Mother's day gift, no Anniversary gifts. Just bank it for this year's 40th gift!
Voila! Here is the gift I REALLY wanted.
The problem is that they sold so many that there is none in stock. We put a deposit down, at the reserved price and once it arrives, it is all mine!
Oh, the projects I can get done with this machine.
We have 1 year guarentee , 2 years on the electronic, and 15 years on the fabrication. And we get free unlimied courses when I buy a machine from them.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simplicity 1783 Cynthia Rowley Blouse

I have started Simplicity's 1783 from Cynthia Rowley. I am doing the blouse, view A in a size 10. I purchased a nice deep brown satin fabric with an off white bias trim. It has pleats and raglan sleeves.

I started this blouse during Friday's class and continued it during Sunday's class. I am surprised at how simple the pattern is. This was my first time working with pleats and I must say that I am impressed with my results. After 2 classes all I have left is to complete the bias trim, attach the sleeves and sew the one remaining side.

I have attempted bias tape a few times previously and I am impressed with my work. Practicing bias tape on those baby bibs I made really helped me understand how to work with bias tape!

We used the serger to finish all of the seams on this shirt as the satin frays something AWFUL! Another reason to buy my serger, hint hint!

It is done, I just have to install the button!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Simplicity 8307, One small problem....

 My sewing instructor gave me some free patterns from the 90's. I chose to make the shirt without the collar from Simplicity's 8307 circa 1998. I won't put in the zipper at the back, as this is made as a t-shirt, nothing fancy.

I measured out Tyler and he is a size 4. This pattern goes up to size 6, so I will keep it for a while. I decided to trace my pattern. 3 pieces, easy peazy.

I have some left over material, and kid's clothes goes a long way!

I recently discovered that if you pull out the tray life is a lot easier when trying to sew small areas!

Yeah, I know, I know... DUH! But it was an AH-HA moment, then quickly followed but DOAH!

Here is the shirt completed. I got it done in the time the boys watched (And fell asleep on) a movie.

 Now, the one small problem. In my genius I omitted the zipper. One SMALL problem....It does not fit over his head. I don't want to waste a zipper on this shirt, so the plan is I will open it up and put Velcro to keep it shut. My son will not be able to dress himself with a zipper at the base of his neck, but Velcro works just fine. 

Free Patterns, OH MY!

My sewing teacher brought in a bag full of patterns that was given to her. We could pick what we would use. I chose 4 patterns for children and one for a nice dress for me.

I have so many projects on my list, here are 5 more to add to the list! They are simple and can be done on a Saturday. 

The patterns are from the '90s and I think only one has been cut. One notices right away the difference in the quality of paper. They are in perfect condition. There is one from Singer Couture, the middle bigger one. This one has the directions only in French, so I may have to look up a few terminologies in my French sewing book.

Today I plan on using Simplicity 8307. This pattern dates back to 1998. Of course I will not make a shirt in Pink, but I can make it in the nice blue material I have left over from last week. I like the shirt without the collar. I am hoping winter is coming to an end and we won't have a big need for turtlenecks!

I sized out Tyler and he is a size 4. This pattern is from size 3 to 6. I will trace the pattern as it will last for a long time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kwik Sew 3639 Bib Overalls

I was joking about making this for Simon and he ACTUALLY wants them. He says they would be perfect for work. Ugh, they are a lot of work, but it looks like fun!

I have a few shirts on my wish list from Kwik Sew for Simon. I have looked at a lot of patterns for men's shirts, and unless you are husky, or big and tall there are not a lot of options out there from the Big 4.
I am slowly becoming a convert to Kwik sew. I just received my 3 patterns for his jeans and 2 baby jammies. No one else has a pattern for a sleeper that has the zipper that descends into the leg? Who knew that they Big 4 would not know about the challenges of diaper changes?

Kwik Sew is having their rack sale and this was on sale. I decided that since for children's clothes and men's clothing Kwik Sew appears to have detailed instructions and superior quality paper (I trace my patterns) the extra few dollars are worth it. I decided to become a memeber and that was on sale as well! Woo-Hoo! The cheapest my patterns go to are $1.99 or $3.50. So the 0.99 sale will be great. But I have enough patterns for me at the moment. Enough to keep me busy for 4 months at the moment.

I will start this in my sewing class once I finish my Cynthia Rowley blouse. I have tried to find reviews on this pattern and no one has posted anything. If you come across anything please let me know! Thanks!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Men's shirt, Simplicity 9499 size Medium

This past Friday I got a nice stash of fabric for shirts for the men in my life. I made Simplicity's 9499 for Men, size medium. I chose the nice blue knit. It is soft and fuzzy, like a nice soft blanket. Simon is in dire need of shirts for work. He works in construction and they tend to take a beating. Let's hope this size is good and he likes it. I have a lot more fabric to make shirts.

 I had made this pattern for Tyler and he loves it. The men's pattern is exactly the same, only larger.
The pattern is simple, straightforward and easy to assemble. This is a basic "baseball style" shirt. Now I still don't have my serger, it's coming. But when I do, this pattern will sew in mere minutes.

I cut out a man's medium and a boy's small. I have about 4 meters of this fabric for all of us to have matching shirts. 

The length of the arms and body are perfect for Simon, no adjustments needed. Good thing too, as this was a surprise and I hemmed it without taking measurements. He is so proud! The first thing he said when he put it on was that it was soft

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fabricville will be the end of me!

Ok, so yesterday I signed up for the Stashbusting Sewalong Challenge, and what happens? Fabricville has a sale! I got a Knit in dark blue, brown and dusty pink for shirts for $2.39/meter, 2.9 meters of Linen Look at $2.74/meter, and Twill for shirts at $2.49/meter. 75% off!!!!!!!!!!! I now have 5 types of fabrics for shirts and dress shirts. I have been wanting to make Simon some shirts, as his are all DONE, but the material has not been on sale.
THEN, they invite me to a private sale of 50% off everything, by invitation only after hours in 2 weeks. I need ribbing, gripper foot, interfacing, notions..... Hurry up and get busy! Empty that stash bin to fill it back up again!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Stashbusting Sew-a-long Challenge!

In the past week, I matched up my fabric stash to patterns that I wanted to make. Finding this sew-along challenge was perfect timing. I was on vacation last week for 3 days, but I had appointments everyday of my vacation. I tried to get some sewing in, but I was limited by my dentist appointments. I have a weekly Friday night sewing class, so I am motivated to get some sewing done during the week.

I found a sew along to help us rid ourselves of our fabric stash! How marvelous! I will be updating my post this weekend as I get  more organized.

I, Jennifer,commit to using 12 pieces of stash fabric in 2013. I originally said 10, but there are 12 things I want to make.
So I am slowly organizing my plan for 2013 then. 
I did manage to get Tyler’s Monster Truck PJ’s done. I used Simplicity’s 9499 pattern for the pants and for the shirt. My husband bought the iron on transfers and he created the Mcqueen-Mator design. Tyler was SUPER happy with the results. He even wanted to bring his Pj’s for show and tell, after wearing them for 2 straight days. 

This definitely counts towards February's challenge: February: THE LOVE CHALLENGE!


I also completed Cynthia Rowley’s eek, I matched up my fabric stash to aptterns that Simplicity 1783 pants. I goofed a bit in the zipper, but I will fix it. This was the first pair of pants with a fly and zipper that I completed on my own. I was super excited and proud of myself. 

also bought last year the fabric to make the blouse from this pattern. I will be cutting out the fabric tonight at my sewing class, view A with long sleeves.

This past weekend, my husband and I FINALLY made the seam roller. I had a long carton and the fabric to make this for a few months now. I am excited that I can finally start using it to press out my seams. 

This counts toward's January's pledge:

January: Itty Bits! Sew up those remnants left over from another project, use up some of those tiny scraps that you've been long as it's less than a yard of fabric, it counts!

I am waiting on the patterns to come from Kwik-Sew that I ordered during their last pattern sale. Apparently it takes 3 weeks to arrive, my GOD! I have some nice denim I bought on St-Hubert Street last summer. I have been waiting for a good pattern to make Simon some durable work jeans. 

I have a really nice stretchy animal print I bought last fall from fabricville designated for Very easy Vogue 8825, Misses’ Dress. I have owned a few wrap dress and they were my “No-Fail dress!”

During Fabricville’s Black Friday I picked up a really nice orange stretch material. It will be perfect for my New Look 6150 pattern. I will make either view a or b. I have not decided if I want short or long sleeves yet.

I have some more animal print stretch that I plan to use for New Look's 6097

I purchased some synthetic satin for New Look’s 6120. It has a really eye catching floral design. Fabricville was having their buy 1 meter get 2 free sale, so I got 3 meters for $9. I will be able to make a shirt or shirt from the leftovers. I also bought some nice pink material for the sash. I will have plenty left over from the 3 meters to make another dress.

I am not sure which of the 2 satin I will use. I will decide later on:

I purchased a nice deep red satin to go with pattern Cynthia Rowley’s 2406

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simplicity 1783 pants: The waistband

So this pattern is so easy, even I can follow along!

Along I went, step by step, dreading the moment I get stuck and can't figure out the pattern and what my next step should be.

The basted the underlap

Everything lined up very well.

I sewed it on using my zipper foot. I was so afraid of the zipper foot, and I don't know why. It is so easy to use.

 Pin the pieces together, sew it up, easy as pie.

 The waistband and interfacing are straightforward

 I am not happy that I did not lap the front zipper enough. I do not know why I omitted this, but now I know why it is in the directions.
I want to make these again, in a heavier black fabric. I will lap the zipper perfectly the next time. But over all I am happy. 

I did a pair of pants all by myself, no help whatsoever! And they fit, and I can wear them, and I will look good in them. Not like I am playing dress up!
Ok, so I can not hem my own pants. I don't bend that way! When Hubby gets home I will get him to mark my hem for me. 

Super comfortable pants, great fit, nice design, easy and comfortable waistband.