Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Cooking Bannock Bread

As many of you know our family is involved in Scouting. Sam is in Beavers and Tyler is a Cub now. Simon and I are Scouters in both sections this year. With that we need to up our knowledge of all things Scouting. You know what they say - Once a Scout- always a pyromaniac!

Along with learning fire skills I want to learn good techniques for making Bannock bread.

I want the kids to be able to make their own bread using individual clay pots. The best thing to do is test out the activity - just to make sure it will work, or to make any adjustments in advance.

 I always wanted to see if steel wool really aught fire that easily. yes, yes it does!

So we did not use a chimney to start our briquettes - the first attempt. It starts, it gets hot, but not hot enough or quick enough.

I cleaned the pots, greased them up and placed tin foil in the bottom. I decided to chuck the foil and do without it. Which was fine, it cooked well, no issues. Its not like we placed the pots in the fireplace directly.

Simon found a recipe on allrecipes.com for bannock bread. Add water and melted butter.

Put it all in a ziplock bag, mush around for a while, let it rest for a bit...

Put them in the pots, cover and cook.

at first I thought it would take 20 minutes, but it was more like 40 minutes. Next time they will not be so big.

We did not have a chimney for briquette starters, we will shortly. So we had to improvise, a metal empty coffee can worked well for our second attempt. The coals got real nice and hot.

It was super easy

As you can see the bread slips out really easily (notice the wine - at a Scouting event there is no alcohol - hence why we test at home!)

And VOILA! Bread cooked in my driveway. YUUUUMMMMMMMYYYY