Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 3: Bathing suit sewing class

So week 3 was a whopper of a class! We verified the measurements and modifications of our pattern. This took an hour, which really flew by for me. I made one line that needed to be corrected.  9/10!
We were taken through the steps of now retracing our pattern. The pattern we just spent 2 weeks on is our master. We now have to retrace it. Mme Dorothée says that we should always trace our pattern opened. We are not going to trace our pattern on our material on the fold. We also want the material right side up. This is new to me. I rather like this approach. When working with a material that has a pattern it always confused me to have the pattern face down. I want to see my placement.
Ok, I’m with her so far. I was a bit confused on making the pattern for the power mesh and crotch, but after seeing the whole bathing suit sewn, I get it now. I guess my concern is that the instructions I have are all in French. Yes, I understand French perfectly. BUT, there are sewing terms in French that I have never heard of and don’t know what they are in English (Fronces: still not sure if that is a dart or a gather) I saw the suit done, but the instructions are all in French. I took a lot of notes, but they are nothing compared to the instructions we received. They are quite detailed.
We cut out the power mesh, mine is thicker, so I have to add 1 cm to the sides. We cut out the lining for the chest and crotch, we cut out the bathing suit material. We sewed the darts, we made the gathers, we sewing the elastic for the chest, we sewed the bathing suit, we sewed the lining. We did everything but the elastic and bust inserts. That will be the last day. She GUARANTEES us that it will fit like a second skin. I sure hope so... 

NOW, I have to go home and do this on my own with my own material! EEKS! I am afraid as there is only one more class. I can do this, I can do this. If all else fails, back to stretch text I go to buy more material. The green patterned material I wanted to use I do not have enough of, so it is the solid hunter green for me. BORING, but whatever! Maybe I will go to stretch text anyways.....

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 2: Bathing Suit sewing class

During week 2 we corrected our patterns and verified that we measured properly. We then moved on to modifying the pattern to fit our preferences, body types and to make it more modern.

As you will recall, the pattern is an older pattern. The hip line, the bust line and the style is out of date. We were given a guideline that we should follow to make the necessary adjustments. Mme Dorothee could have used a more recent pattern, but she said in all patterns there are modifications to be made, and she has this one down pat. The straps need to be adjusted, the width of the crotch, etc…

I adjusted one pattern in class with the teacher, and the other 3 I did at home. I hope I did it properly.
We then moved on to material stretch and elasticity. We tested material to verify how much stretch it had, and therefore which pattern size we should use. With both my materials I am to use my size 10 pattern.  I am still not confident in my ability to test the stretchability of the fabric, and I was told this is normal. It takes some time to become comfortable with it.

We moved on to the Cup of the suit and sizing. I am an “AA”. EEKS! Need I say more? 

Monday, June 3, 2013

BZZ Campaign International Delight’s Iced Coffee.

I have not done a BZZ Agent in a few years. I have always have great experiences with being a BZZ agent. With life being as hectic as it has been, I have not had the time to invest in many things. However, there was one campaign that really caught my eye! International Delight’s Iced Coffee.  There are 3 flavors: Vanilla Caramel Macchiato and Mocha. With the summer heat upon on this campaign is perfectly timed! Simon loves to buy the Iced cappuccinos, and I never thought to make them at home!

When I opened my BZZ kit, I was thrilled, It came with 2 beautiful International Delight Tumblers to make the drinks in and 9 FREE product coupons, 3 for me and 6 for family and friends. I have given away all my coupons (except mine of course).

With coupons in hand my friends and I set out to find this product only to find they were not in stores yet. We were patiently waiting as the hot weather started and it was the perfect weekend for the iced drinks.

My mother was the first to find it at Loblaws. I have heard reports that people found it at Walmart, but not at mine. I gave up and gave my coupon to my mother so that she could pick us up one by her house. At least we got to drink it!

My mother said she found hers to be too sweet. What did you think? Simon loves anything sweet, so the sweeter the better for him. I guess you can add more ice to water it down when it melts, what do you think?