Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tyler is eating Cereal!

I must thank my very good friend Kelly for giving me her highchair! It is an excellent chair, and makes feeding time so much easier! Tyler started to eat solids on May 2nd at 4 months old! He gobbled up the cereal! Mouth wide open and all smiles!
Now, when we eat he watches every bite with envy! Soon enough he will be stealing the food off our plates! He is constantly eating!

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  1. hi there,

    i just found your blog. i have a 3 month old right now and i am amazed that your son was eating cereal at 4 months -- wow!!
    I also read on smart canucks that you love his daycare -- do you mind telling me the name of it? i am having a ahrd time finding a good daycare, and one that will actually have room for Lucas. All this is so new to me!!

    thanks in advance!