Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kwik Sew Patterns: Not available in Quebec

So my adventure in making Simon his pants from the pattern Simplicity 4760 is not going well. The waistband is ridiculous! I will not be making these again. I have a nice denim I want to use for the boy's pants and I am in search of a good pattern that is easy to follow.
I am finishing these pants, as once I (and I mean my instructor) figures it out and I (I mean we) finish them he will be able to wear them. Otherwise they will be another pair of pants that sits in a bin of things I have made that are unwearable. Ugh. My failures are blaring at me from the stock pile.

So that leads me to find Kwik Sew's 3504 pattern. This pattern has great reviews and it appears to be straightforward. They look great, no negative reviews and they are standard men's jeans. Now I have been in search of a good pair of men's pants. But it seam that women are just not sewing for men anymore! There are no good patterns out there for men. This sucks! I want to use the boys as my guinea pigs!
So, what is the problem, you ask? Kwik Sew does not have instructions in French. I live in Quebec and if there is no French we can not have it. Silly, I know. They have Spanish and German, so what would be the big problem with French, you ask? NO idea. So I have to drive to Cornwall, Ontario, a 2 hour drive there and back; or order from the internet and pay shipping. A tank of gas or $4 shipping from Kwik Sew.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love a road trip. But a road trip for only 1 pattern seems a little excessive.

If I order from Kwik Sew I would get patterns 3527 and 3922. I have been trying to find a PJ for the baby that has snaps or a zipper that extends far so that I can change his diaper. You would be hard pressed to find one from another company! Believe me, I have looked!

Now, I ask you, when do they have their on line sales at Kwik Sew? Or can I order thses patterns from a cheaper place? Somewhere where the shipping is not $15.97 ( Kwik Sew's shipping to Canada would be $4 for all the patterns, but the total cost is $4.76 more than Patternreview. It does not make sense to pay more to buy the loyalty cards either!
Any suggestions?


I sighned up for the Kwik Sew email alerts and I got one this morning! Patterns are on sale $6.99! Now I normally buy my patterns for $1.99 at Fabricville when they go on sale. They have a sale last week for Butterick at $3.50 and I thought that was expensive. $6.99 is a little steep, but I can not find a GOOD pattern for men's jeans, nor kid's PJ's with snaps or a zipper that will make changing a diaper easy. So, I will suck it up, and I better make a gazillion of these!

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