Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sewing class Club Tissus - Bathing Suit

I started my sewing class at Club Tissus last week. I originally signed up for Tissus Extensible (stretch material) but it was cancelled. Luckily she opened up another Bathing suit (1) class. I originally wanted this class but it had already started.

This class is a 4 week class and she GUARANTEES that the bathing suit will fit like a second skin. The first week we learned about taking our measurements and adjusting the pattern to fir OUR measurements. This is what I wanted to learn. How to adjust a pattern to my small frame.

The base pattern that everyone is using is an old out of print pattern from Bouclair Studios. It is a one piece suit with no bells or whistles. We will be adjusting the hip line to make it more to date. There is a front, a back, crotch lining and bust lining. We make 4 pattern sizes. The one we pick will depend on the % of stretch of our fabric. We learned how to modify the pattern the first week and measure the bust, waist, hips and trunk to fit our specific measurements. We do this for all 4 pattern sizes. My sizes were 8, 10, 12 and 14.

Next week we will learn about the material and how to determine the amount of stretch. Yippee! I got my list of supplies I had to buy, and Simon and I had fun at Club Tissus buying stuff. I did not know that I had to pre-soak the elastic in cold water over night, otherwise when you go in the pool, the suit will cut off your circulation when it dries on you! This is why you take the class. There are a few notions I have not worked with before, like power mesh. This is what holds your belly in. After 2 kids and 2 C sections, this is needed. Yes, even at my small frame, I have stuff that moves around too! We were asked not to buy the bust shapers, this will be for another class. We will determine our size in a future class. Mine will be small. There was a time.....

WE had bought swimwear material at Stretch Text. I have a solid green and a cool green pattern. I think I will use the pattern. I believe I have enough. I cut out the Jalie Racerback suit and when my machine went KLUNK I set it aside. After this class I will finish it.

They offer a Bathing Suit 2 (style), and I hope they offer it. This class was added because another one was cancelled. If not, I will take it next year. Every class she offers sounds amazing. They are intensive theory, where you do the work at home. She expects the homework to be about 3 hours. This was you get the most out of your money. You are paying for the instruction. Not like Fabricville, where the teacher brings her own work in the class, does not really teach you much, what she does is not exactly 100% correct, and when you ask too many quesions she tells you she is not giving another class next sessions. B**ch. I spoke to the owner and let her know what was going on. She was not impressed. Nether was I. I was ready to take ALL kinds of classes, I have since last July. She just lost me as a customer... But that is another post. Sorry for the rant. I feel betrayed.

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