Saturday, January 25, 2014

Simon's long johns

Simon works outside and he needs some help keeping warm. I'm not always around to keep his feet warm,  you know! During our Stretch fabrics class at Club Tissus we made yoga pants. Simon was supposed to make stretchy pants for himself but we never got around to it, with all our pending projects. We had purchased Peach Skin fabric from Stretch Text on St-Laurent.

Our sewing instructor was having a fashio show and all her students were invited to show off their creations. Simon really wanted to have another item from the "tissus extensibles" class, so he made the 2 items in 1 day! 

Simon used 2 patterns to create his long johns: Jalie's 2327 and 2918

He extended the boxers to make his legs, accounting for the width of his thighs, knees and ankles. His shirt he made a -5 to make it tighter and he made a mock turtleneck.The length is a bit longer so that when he moves around the shirt does not lift past the pants. I think he will be nice and warm in these. Coupled with the sweater he made from the same pattern and the winter jacket he made, he is good to -40 Celsius!

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  1. Simon - well done! I wasn't aware of these patterns, I will have to check them out. My partner is a snowmobiler and could use comfortable clothing for under his snowmobile pants that are wicking. This pattern with the appropriate fabric would probably do the trick.