Friday, February 14, 2014

an apron and oven mitts for Nana

My mom has had an apron for 45 years that she absolutelypattern  loves. It is getting really old, worn and a bit stained. it is not a normal apron, it zips up in the front and it has no arms. I have not been able to find pattern for it nor an apron like it in store.

Simon decided to copy her apron in secret and make her one for Valentine's day. He made a test one first then with his pattern perfected the one he made her.

My mom has roosters as her decor and Simon found the perfect fabric to match. He choose a nice accent bias tape. I find the fabric and colors he chose really works well together.

He put a lot of detail into it and he chose a really nice tops stitching design.

He also made 2 insulated oven mitts. He used my mccalls pattern for the mitts.

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  1. I like an apron that cover where food wants to splatter. I have ruined too many tops where a regular apron ends on the sides. I'm sure your mom love the new apron. What a thoughtful son-in-law.