Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall sewing

So I did not end up making that cardigan. However, I did make an Angry Bird PJ bottom and a pair of nylon rain pants for Tyler. Simon and I had bought the nylon material a few years ago when we needed rain pants in the fall. For some reason they only sold rain pants in the Spring, as if it never rains in the Fall. Right after buying all the material I found rain pants a Joe Fresh at Maxi, of all places. So that bag of material was put aside.

Simplicity Unisex Pajamas and knit top 9499

Don't you just love quick and easy projects to get your sewing mojo back? I used Simplicity 9499. This pattern has a nice loose fit to it. It is easy to modify the elastic in the waist and the length in the leg. I use this pattern for all his PJ bottoms and now his rain pants.

I made the hem super simple, and a bit long. The waist was made a bit looser to fit over his pants. I measured his waist while he was wearing his pants so it is a perfect fit. 

The angry bird material is left over from Tonitex. I had previously made Tyler a PJ bottom, but he is outgrowing those and I have oodles of fabric leftover. It is a nice lightweight fabric.

 All in all this pattern is very versatile, quick and easy. Boys are not complicated. Well, when it comes to clothing my boys are not that complicated. Let's see if at 14 they will be caught dead wearing my home made clothes!

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