Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 2: Bathing Suit sewing class

During week 2 we corrected our patterns and verified that we measured properly. We then moved on to modifying the pattern to fit our preferences, body types and to make it more modern.

As you will recall, the pattern is an older pattern. The hip line, the bust line and the style is out of date. We were given a guideline that we should follow to make the necessary adjustments. Mme Dorothee could have used a more recent pattern, but she said in all patterns there are modifications to be made, and she has this one down pat. The straps need to be adjusted, the width of the crotch, etc…

I adjusted one pattern in class with the teacher, and the other 3 I did at home. I hope I did it properly.
We then moved on to material stretch and elasticity. We tested material to verify how much stretch it had, and therefore which pattern size we should use. With both my materials I am to use my size 10 pattern.  I am still not confident in my ability to test the stretchability of the fabric, and I was told this is normal. It takes some time to become comfortable with it.

We moved on to the Cup of the suit and sizing. I am an “AA”. EEKS! Need I say more? 

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