Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 3: Bathing suit sewing class

So week 3 was a whopper of a class! We verified the measurements and modifications of our pattern. This took an hour, which really flew by for me. I made one line that needed to be corrected.  9/10!
We were taken through the steps of now retracing our pattern. The pattern we just spent 2 weeks on is our master. We now have to retrace it. Mme Dorothée says that we should always trace our pattern opened. We are not going to trace our pattern on our material on the fold. We also want the material right side up. This is new to me. I rather like this approach. When working with a material that has a pattern it always confused me to have the pattern face down. I want to see my placement.
Ok, I’m with her so far. I was a bit confused on making the pattern for the power mesh and crotch, but after seeing the whole bathing suit sewn, I get it now. I guess my concern is that the instructions I have are all in French. Yes, I understand French perfectly. BUT, there are sewing terms in French that I have never heard of and don’t know what they are in English (Fronces: still not sure if that is a dart or a gather) I saw the suit done, but the instructions are all in French. I took a lot of notes, but they are nothing compared to the instructions we received. They are quite detailed.
We cut out the power mesh, mine is thicker, so I have to add 1 cm to the sides. We cut out the lining for the chest and crotch, we cut out the bathing suit material. We sewed the darts, we made the gathers, we sewing the elastic for the chest, we sewed the bathing suit, we sewed the lining. We did everything but the elastic and bust inserts. That will be the last day. She GUARANTEES us that it will fit like a second skin. I sure hope so... 

NOW, I have to go home and do this on my own with my own material! EEKS! I am afraid as there is only one more class. I can do this, I can do this. If all else fails, back to stretch text I go to buy more material. The green patterned material I wanted to use I do not have enough of, so it is the solid hunter green for me. BORING, but whatever! Maybe I will go to stretch text anyways.....


  1. Hi Jennifer - I'm planning a Montreal meet-up for August 17th, and thought you might be interested. CarmencitaB from France will be in town and she wanted to have some food, drinks, shopping and socializing with all of us. I found your blog via Shannon after the last Montreal meet-up in May, and then I saw you on my Map the Sewintists project; you live just across the river from me in Ste. Anne!
    Let me know, and hope to see you there,

  2. Hi Jennifer, We haven't meet yet, but I am a Montreal's sewing blogger! I saw you mentioned on Shannon's post ( so I took the liberty to contact you personally...

    I am organizing a visit to the Montreal's Costume and Textile Museum in September.

    If you are interested, here is the invitation :

    And here is the link to the poll to choose a date/time :

    I hope to meet you soon,

    Thanks, Caroline