Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elmo pants

 I was given an old pattern a few years ago. I decided that I would give it a try. The pattern dates 1995 and it was a free pattern when you bought Singer 39 L'Atelier de Couture Singer. The instructions in the packaging are pages from a book. High gloss and FULL of details, you just have to know how to speak French!

For Tyler I used size 6, which is a medium, and Sam has a size 2 which is a TP(very small). I did not sew any pockets. These are PJ's and Sam does not need pockets to hide toys in.

We had bought some fleece fabric last year from Tonitex but never got around to using it. It has little Elmo heads and a big Elmo on the other half. The pattern was either messed up or is intended for a shirt with an opening down the middle as it is duplicated. We got it a discount at any rate. We looked all through the store and this was the only favric that had Elmo on it. I have A LOT left!

I chose the Elmo faces for the front of the pants

The Elmo goes in the back on one leg and the "Play with me" is in the back on the other leg. The words are hidden right now.

There are some Elmo faces left over and I plan to put some backing on them and sew them as appliques on the new sweat pants I made. 

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