Monday, April 17, 2017

Covering kitchen chairs in clear plastic

So we were given these nice chairs with a matching table. The chairs are comfortable, and the 2 minions like sitting on them. They are a good height and all, but they have material seats.

Anyone with young kids will understand our concerns. Each time they ate we had to put a towel on the chair of our youngest. He tends to eat standing up. Our kids don't "sit", rather they jump up and down. The food tends to end up all over the place. Pick your battles. I don't think they physically can stay seated, but the food goes into their mouths, so don't sweat the small stuff.
I had bought some vinyl a few years ago for another project and I never used it. I have one on top of the kitchen table to protect it, and I had one left over.

What a great idea! And Simon needed to replace his air tool staple gun that was left at an old job.

Removing the seat and cutting the plastic to cover the seat was easy. Simon even had a helper.

But once the staple gun game out with the air compressor the kids vanished to get away from the noise!

Here is the finished result. Now no more panic when Sam drops his pasta or cereal or whatever on him, the chair the floor, the walls. It is an easy clean up!

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