Sunday, April 9, 2017

Shopping in Montreal's Garment district

I finished work early on Friday (10:30am!) and Simon was off. On the rare occasion that we have both the time and no kids I wanted to take the opportunity to shop for fabric on St-Laurent and Chabanel. One does not simply pop in and out. Rather you touch, drool over the selection and dream of a land where you have endless supplies of time and money. I brought a list of fabrics I would like for the underwear class to keep us on topic. This helped impulse buys.

We went to Tonitex and found this gorgeous red scalloped lace.  We plan on making the Brazilian panties with this. And when I have the time the matching bra.

The below is what we bought at Stretch Text.

If you live in Montreal (or near) you must stop in and see all the lovely fabrics at Stretch Text. We stuck with 5 choices, a royal blue lace, a pink lace, a beige Brazil, and 2 prints.

The blue lace is not scalloped, it has a straight line edge. I can use this in other ways other than the Brazilian panties.

The pink and beige is really nice. My pictures do not do the pink justice here. Simon will make lace and solid panties with this fabric.
 We bought some funky elastics that will go well. The one time I find something new at Fabricville (but they only had 1 meter). Simon was thinking of creating something in this version.

The elastic goes well with both my fabrics. It really is a cool design. The beige will be solid neutral portions.

The prints will be for Simon's underwear. We will be doing the men's version next class. As Simon is the only man in the class I am sure we will be using his material for the demonstration during the class.

This one has the designers name on it.

The fun thing about Stretch Text is you can take home samples. If you have other projects you can take home swatches and make your decision at a later date.

I plan to show the people in my class.

Simon likes these 2 stretch velour blue prints.

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