Saturday, July 21, 2012

McCalls 5825 Apron sewing project

So I started today to sew McCalls's 5825 Apron, D.

I first washed and dried my fabric. I chose a 100% pink and white polka dot fabric. Good thing I washed it first as it dried all funny. It took a long time for me to line up the fabric properly! This is my first solo project, so I want to go slowly and do it properly!
There are some pieces that need to be cut twice. What I did was I traced the pattern onto paper and cut out a second piece. I did not feel confident that I could line up the pieces properly on my fabric otherwise. All the pieces were FINALLY lined up properly with the grain and pinned in place. Then.... I CUT!
That concludes my day 1 project.

Day 2

Bias tape is not easy! I had to Google videos of how to install bias tape. I will head out to Fabricville at noon to buy wider bias tape. That might make it easier to work with. One video says that I should iron it to stay in place on the curves. I hope it works.
I SWORE on my first attempt! I was pretty discouraged as this was step one on my instructions. The videos make it look so easy to install the tape, but my fingers don't work as well. We will see if wider tape is easier to work with for newbies! Wish me luck!

So I went to Fabricville and bought extra wide double bias tape. I had regular double bias tape and the pattern calls for wide. No wonder I had trouble. I chose extra wide because I was having trouble manipulating the regular size tape and extra wide would ensure I could sew it on!
I watched a YouTube video that showed how to install the bias tape. This made it easier to understand what I was doing and why. You can check out the video at
I was able to do the 2 pockets in under 30 minutes (I think, I was not looking at the time). 
 The pockets are not EXCELLENT, but hey, it's my first attempt. The only problem is I looked at my pattern and I need more bias tape. The tape has to go all the way around my apron. OOPS. Looks like another trip to Fabricville is needed.

Once I figured out how to use the bias tape, ZOOM! I finished my apron today. I had a bit of trouble with the bias tape on the top. I figured it out and the next time I use bias I will do a much better job. The tie strings were WAY too long for me. I had used size Medium for the pattern and chose SMALL for the tie strings around my neck. I had to make a second hole even smaller. I am only 5'2 so all my clothes are made petite.
I used the button hole maker on my sewing machine for the first time. I tried it out on a scrap piece first. It was super easy! Here is a picture of my finished apron. Don't mind the circles under my eyes as Sam has been waking up in the middle of the night from teething and it is 10:30 pm!

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