Thursday, July 26, 2012

What happened to my favorite pastime?

Ok, so we L-O-V-E camping. We did not go last year as I was SUPER pregnant with major complications. We went this year for the 1st time. My Mom, the SUPERMOM, took the boys for 24 hours so we could set up and enjoy a night of camping alone.
So, here is how it started:
-Simon's car battery died, had to buy boosters
-We get there, starts to thunder. Severe and extreme thunderstorms
-I get the Gastro, standing in said thunderstorms sick as a dog
-The 2nd night I take baby and sleep at mom's, too sick
-3rd night we go back home as Simon now has the gastro
-We are booked until Sunday, we are heading back...Maybe.
Ssam has yet to sleep in a tent :(
-Oh, did I forget to mention the water in Oka is contaminated? There is a boil water advisory. Ugh...

What happened?????

So, besides the nasty stuff.. When it is not raining it is nice and cool, great camping weather, we saw deer walking in the parking lot and Simon had a fire.

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