Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Newlook 6525 PJ's for Sam

So I bought the material and the pattern for this PJ when Tyler was born and never did it. The material is a cute dark blue pattern with footballs on it. Now I am adventurous to actually do it!

I have chosen pattern "A" to try first. I am not doing it in a fleece but in a cotton. 

Today I cut out my pattern, ironed the material and the pattern and laid it out and pinned it in place. Tomorrow I will double check my work before cutting, and cut it out. Maybe I will start to sew tomorrow.

Day 2

I cut out all the pieces and transfered my markings to them

Day 3

I assembled the pieces and started to sew. I am on step 2 and confused. I am not sure I put the pieces together properly. Ughhhh....

I think I did it wrong. I am not sure how the pieces fit together. I may have to abandon this project as it may be too advanced for me at this time. 

Ok, deap breath. I think piece #3 was placed just above the fold line and it should not have been cut on the fold line directly, leaving me with 2 mirrored pieces and not just one. The diagram is so confusing that I will call New Look tomorrow.

November 10th

I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!! I added the non slip grippers for his feet and lined it with the same material as the PJ's. I used the Large so I will try it on Sam after Breakfast and see if it is too big. If it is I will make the next in Medium.

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