Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simplicity 9499 Unisex Pajamas

Simplicity 9499 Unisex Pajamas and knit top


This is a great pattern. It has sizes for adults and sizes for children. It has great value. The pants are quick and simple and so is the waistband.
I first did this with Halloween material that was on sale at Fabricville for $1.99/meter. I did a boo boo on Tyler's pants, as the haunted houses are upside down, but now I know how to lay out directional material. We learn best from our errors, n'est pas? Tyler is happy and he thinks I rock.

Now I tried to make another pair for Tyler in flannel and I was super tired and brain dead, and I do not know what I did but I attached all the pieces incorrectly and had finished the pants when I noticed. I undid all the pieces and will attempt it again today. The flannel ones are for PJ day at daycare on Tuesday and he chose the fabric, so I hope I did not goof too badly! I trimmed the crotch area and everything.
So much for wasting my sewing time that Simon helps he have. Another lesson learned, do nt sew when you are dog tired!
Ok, so I went back to it this morning and the only error I did was when I went to assemble the PJ's front to back and sew the side seams, I placed them incorrectly. I do not know how I did it, but I put them together wrong. So I ended up undoing all my seams for nothing, lol.
Oh well, at least I now know how to selvage a project when all goes wrong. 

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