Sunday, October 6, 2013

Return to sewing

So after a summer Hiatus, I have returned to summer! My bathing suit sits unfinished, taunting me from the unfinished basket. And I have started my sewing class at Club Tissue on Tissus Extensible (stretchy fabrics). Simon is taking the course with me and we have had 2 classes so far.

We are making the following 3 Jalie Patterns:

Jalie 2566 Women's twinset, I am making the mock turtleneck shirt

We are learning about stretchy fabrics and how to choose the proper size according to the fabric's stretch.

We also learned how to measure the neck opening, how to measure it, how to create a T-shirt collar, mock turtleneck and a turtle neck. We made out own collars without a pattern! AWESOME! She also showed us how to install and sew the collar, and for the first time I did a collar perfectly the first time, without swearing! I thought it would be the hardest, but no, it was super easy.

She also showed us how to sew on the sleeves with no fuss. We sewed the sleeves in before the sides. Again, super easy and amazingly simple. 

Simon did a turlteneck from the Men's pattern Jalie 2918 Mens T-Shirts. The first one he did he did too small (he measured himslef tsk tsk). He did a great job, but it was too toght and too short. So he went back to Tonitext and bought more material. He loves to shop! Now he is making his second shirt. His material has snowflake design on it, so we are learing about pattern placement.
For the class this week Simon will bring in his striped material and she will show us how to place on a pattern. We will aslo do the V neck collar.

We also have a skirt to make and Yoga pants:

Jalie 3022 Yoga pants and shorts

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