Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why you should not sew when you are tired

Simon bought me this great velour stretch fabric, in a hunter green with flowers and metallic tracings from Stretch text fabrics this past Summer. We originally were going to make a swimsuit out of it, but that never happened. We were saving the material for the perfect occasion. I sewed the Chanel neckline very well and I had a good pattern for a dress. We were ready to go. We would be TIGHT for material, but with proper planning we could make it work with the short sleeves. Simon wanted to be fancy, I was like "no, no no!" but he did as he planned... We were both tired and we were not paying attention 100%.

So what happened, you ask? Simon placed the fold on the cut line, and the front was all off. The scoop is no longer a scoop, the sides won't meet properly under the arms and on and on. As I was placing the front and back together, the pieces were not making any sense. Needless to say we were angry and disappointed. I wasted 2 evenings on this, and not to mention my expensive fabric! I so wanted to wear this dress this week to work. Oh well. We have a V neck and a skirt to practice this week. With 2 young kids and full time jobs, it does not leave much time to sew. When the kids are up we can't concentrate, and make mistakes. So we stay up late after they are in bed. It takes us 2 nights to make a simple shirt.

So I decided to continue with the installation of the Chanel Collar. Might as well practice on something that was already ruined. What's the worse that could happen?

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