Sunday, November 3, 2013

Next sewing class: Winter ski jacket Jalie 2108

Simon and I have started our next sewing class together. We are taking a 5 week course to make a winter Ski jacket. This class is quite intensive and requires about 40 hours of work time. I am kinda freaking out as we are both making a jacket on our own, so that work time is quite a bit more. We do our work together, we are a real team. Whatever I don’t catch, he does. Patterns and placement really clicks for him and I am good at taking notes.

We are using a discontinued pattern from Jalie, 2108. Our instructor has been teaching this class for over a decade (so I gather), and her class has detailed notes. We are modifying the pattern to make it more modern, and also to suit our tastes.

I am going with a size “P” and Simon is using a size “S”. I am modifying it to look like a Kanuk jacket, “Contrecoeur”. It retails for regular $795! Mme Dorothee says that the finishing on our jacket will be superior, not to say that the Kanuk jackets aren’t good, they are excellent!

Simon will make either the Trois-Rivières or the Beauport. I think more the Beauport, as he does not want the draw cord.

Our first class we worked on the pattern. The man's pattern is not modified too much. We used the front back, sleeve and hood pieces. Simon only needs to adjust for his length.

Me, I need to make the sleeves more narrow, adjust for the length, insert princess seams front and back, and draw my pockets. We made our lining and our facing from the pattern front and back.

Simon and I finished our homework by Saturday night. We would have been done by Friday, if not for a 2 year old that decided for 2 nights that he would wake up at 00:30! And Halloween, and life, work, 2 kids. But I am happy by Saturday we were done with the pattern. Now we have time to yackle the unfinished projects and organize my sewing area and fabric stash!


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