Monday, December 9, 2013

Finishing up *MY* jacket

OK, so where is your jacket, Jennifer? You ask? Well, to be honest, on the sewing table at the moment. Somewhere between Simon's 1,000,000 calculations and the problems with the princess seam pockets I became discouraged. Simon has helped enormously with my jacket after the princess seam pocket disaster. I think he is one of the few in our class that understood the princess seam pockets. This was her first year teaching this class with Princess seams, and the notes were not done beforehand. I think it was a lesson in progress, as it took 2 classes to completely demonstrate the pockets properly. Even then most of us gave up. So many of us became discouraged and vowed never again to do a princess seam. Now that Simon has shown me how to topstitch the pockets properly with the princess seam, I think we can do it again with no issues.
My issue is that I did not make the sleeves long enough and now need to add length to them. When I tried on the inner shell why did she not see this? She saw that the hip area was not large enough and I had to add to that. But what about the sleeve length? Why did we not see this? ARGH. Another frustration. But my suggestion of adding a cuff and putting some nice pink topstitching went over well.

I was thinking that the grey jacket is a little boring and needs some pizzazz. We went scouring for a pink zipper long enough for the front, a 2 way zipper. We went everywhere, then gave up and went to Fabricville, a store that i recently came to despise as their staff has turned into morons who are wicked and mean. Of course they had it, after running around St-Hubert street with the 2 kids in the cold. ARGH.

We were going to do a pink front zipper with the zipper shield on the inside. In the end we will have an interior and exterior zipper shield. The exterior one will have the same pink topstitching design on it to add some color and design the the jacket. We were going to have the front embroidered with a nice pink snowflake, but hat is going to add to the cost and time of the project. I am sure we can do some fancy topstitching to put some color and design that we will like.

We have had a few nights off where we went to sleep with no sewing. Time to get back at it and finish my jacket now, with the help of Simon of course! It has come that we don't want to sew without each other, good Lord! We are too cute,n n'est pas?

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