Saturday, December 7, 2013

Simon's Winter jacket FINALLY DONE!

 It's official! Simon's jacket is finally FINALLY done! And what a great job he did. I think I gave up this past week, the desire for sleep was SO great, after 10 weeks of sewing classes, working every night on our projects, it is nice to have this DONE. Now all is left is my jacket.

Simon is VERY happy that he finished his jacket! He designed this and sewed it all on his own. He took the base pattern for the arms, hood, front and back. The rest he came up with all on his own. 

 He wanted the green of his arms to arrive at the pockets, and he was exact in his details.

He wanted to have so many details on this jacket, that it was way beyond me. My first jacket I wanted to concentrate on the basics. 

 Look at the stripes Simon sewed on his hood. The eye for detail he has. Some people in our class we wondering how his stripes would come out, like a skunk? No, they are great!

Look at the inside pocket that zips up. Now remember Simon has never sewed a pocket.  He did an amazing job.
 Each pocket has a purpose. One for his cell phone, one for gloves, one for Kleenex.
 He has an interior and exterior zipper shield. He has Polar Blizzard for the lip guard and the back of the collar. Nice and soft.

He even did double stitching on the coat hook

He says that his jacket are heavy when there is alot in his pockets and this will help support it when on a hanger. I don't know about you, but when I am learning a new skill, I don't see all these details the first time. He does. You can't see well from this picture, but he embroidered his name, just in case anyone wants to steal this jacket! .

All in all I am extremely proud of the work he did and I think his jacket is better than anything we could buy! Now time to finish my jacket so we can play in the snow.


  1. What a fantastic jacket. So many details... loving all extra pockets and having fuzzy fabric right where it belongs, WOW! Colour me impressed. :-)

  2. Fantastic attention to detail and superb designing and sewing skills. I am very impressed and Simon should be very proud of his work. Looking forward to seeing more projects.

  3. What a beautiful and functional project - very impressive.

  4. Wow! What intricate design work and sew-manship! GREAT JOB on this jacket!

  5. Way to go, Simon, with the new medium! Fabric is just flimsy wood you stitch and wrap around your body, right? LOVE all your pockets!

  6. Way to go, Simon, with the new medium! Fabric is just flimsy wood you stitch together and wrap around your body, right? Love the pockets!