Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vacation project - PJ's for the boys

So my jacket lays on the table not done yet. It really takes concentration and time to think. Having the 2 boys out of school for the Holidays and peace and quiet do not mix. Simon made me a gorgeous dress for Christmas and now I am feeling the itch to make something myself. We have some left over fabric from last year's PJ's. Tyler loves the onsies and Sam hates anything on his feet. I have many patterns that I vow to use, so into my stash we go....

I made this pattern for Tyler last year and I found the finishing details to be lacking. I can improve upon the pattern. I will make it without the hood and feet.

I traced the next size up, as Tyler grew since last year, and I don;t have enough fabric. Off tot he store we will go for him.

On to Sam's PJ's. I know I have enough for a size T2.Last year I bough Kwik Sew's 3922 but I have not had the chance to make them yet. This is perfect for toddlers still in diapers as the snaps go all the way down. Now I ask all you parents and caretakers out there "How do the people at the BIG 4 pattern companies change diapers?" Take a look at all the patterns out there. Where does the zipper stop? At the belly button. Not very convenient for changing diapers I tell you. Now I don't know about you, but my kids DO NOT sit still when I change their diapers. They twist they buckle, they laugh, they try to escape. All they want is their FREEDOM!
Seriously, this pattern is one of the few I have found that the opening goes down the inside leg. Maybe Jalie has one, I am not sure.

We will make this one without the feet. Sam has many sleepers I made with the feet and he tries furiously to rip off the feet. Not a good thing as I made MANY sleepers. Sigh.

I cut out the McQueen fabric left over from last year for Sam. And we will let Tyler pick out his fabric. Hopefully this will be a good pattern to work with! Looking back on only one year and I amazed at how much Tyler has grown! SOB!

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