Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Completing Holiday sewing - all for Moi!

Today was a great day for sewing! I finished version 2 of my hot yoga outfit, I lined the back of the pink hot yoga outfit and I sewed another version of the Kwik Sew Sweatshirt. I made an extra small in the long version. I find the short version too short for my comfort. This is comfy sweatshirt and I wanted it longer than the brown version. So I guess third time really is the charm!
I found this soft pink fabric at Fabricville. I was there to buy thread to hem my pants for Scouts and I needed to buy something else so that I could use my interac to pay. This jumped out at me. It is nice and soft. The perfect color and texture for a sweatshirt.

The band is made from ribbing that I also bought at Fabricville. I like this rib as it is sturdy and thick. It will stand up to many wears! I tried finding this at Tonitex and Club Tissus... NO luck. Only at Fabricville, hence why I purchased a membership there. I am not a fan (AT ALL) of Favricville. Their material is a lesser quality and their customer service is pitiful! You ask a simple basic question and they stare at you like you just asked them a quantum physics question. Then they point to the other side of the room and say it may be over there. Basically they are useless!

 I added some topstitching, it was not mentioned in the instructions, but I like extra details, and I like the cuffs to stay in place.

With this type of style you really need a marker for the back, On my Pink one, sized small I did not sew one in and I am always putting it on backwards!

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