Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jalie 3355 Sweatshirt had bought a nice soft sweatshirt fleece from Tonitex. I wanted to make Simon and the boys a nice fizzy sweatshirt. The problem was I did not have a pattern for Simon.  That is where Jalie 3355 comes in. I could NOW justify buying another Jalie Pattern.. YIPPPEEE!

I made the boys sweatshirts and now it was hubby's turn. The inside of the fabric is all soft and fuzzy. Super warm and comfy, or so I am told. I made myself a pink sweatshirt.

There are 3 items to this pattern. Sweatpants, sweatshirt or a hoodie. I used the sweatshirt pattern, sized "Y" for Simon. I did not make any pattern adjustments, for once!

By now I am used to sewing sweaters with cuffs and a ribbed neckband. I did not need to look at the instructions, but I did anyways. I am on vacation and the little one is not here today, he's at daycare. So my mind is open and clear! Why not take the extra 5 minutes?

Now I usually make one small mistake. It was going so well, then I realized I only cut out one arm. OOPS! Good thing I was frugal with my pattern placement. I had enough fabric.
One thing that I like to do is I mark which piece is the back. Sweatshirts can kinda look all the same when you are sewing, so I have gotten into the habit of sewing a small piece of string onto the back piece and writing down String=back as a reminder.

Another tip I use is when I know I will use the pattern again I tape the areas where I pin the pattern. This protects the paper and stands up to numerous uses.

The only changes I made were extra steps. I serged the edges of the rib after I sewed them on and then I topstitched it in place.

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