Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hot Yoga outfit #2

When we went to Stretch text we bought 2 materials for hot yoga outfits. What I learned from the pink one is that I should a) sew the bra inserts in before construction and b) I should line the back as well as the front and c) it is a work in progress learning the CoverPro machine.

I liked the placement of the cups from the pink one so I followed those. I sewed the cups onto the lining. From my Lululemon bras I HATE HATE HATE stuffing the cups into the top. So Sew them permanently it is!

I had my concerns on how to sew the cups to the lining without it shifting in weird ways. Pop the cups upwards. This way they stay in the proper place. Then you cut the lining around the cups after they are sewed in so that they lay properly. 

 I then sewed the elastic and then the powermesh as I did in the pink outfit. I then sewed lining on the back.

I kind look like a pool liner! 

Here is the outfit all sewed together. Looks kinda cool, n'est pas?

I am learning how to use my CoverPro machine. It is about time I say! A few years sitting idle and now I am ready to face my fears. It is not perfect...yet! But the fun is in the learning process. No one picks something up for the first time and is perfect. 

Here you can see the powermesh, liner, elastic and cups all sewn together. 

I like the shape of it. One thing I got a tad wrong was in this spandex I should have used a size up, as the stretch is less than the peachskin material. I hope it will be ok, I will have wriggle quite a bit to get out of this after a hot yoga class. But I will be all limber after the class! 

The back has a really nice scoop to it. 

And the best part of this outfit? I don't have to wear a bra and my ya-yas are held in place and covered up!

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