Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Look 6110 Leggings

I sewed yesterday New Look 6110, size 12 leggings, pattern A. 
This was my first attempt at sewing with stretchy material. I found a very nice brown stretchy material that was 50% off at Fabricville. I have about 3 yards so I can make a few pairs of pants.

Now, I have to ask my sewing teacher on Friday what happened, but the tension was way off on my machine and the material was being fed into the feeder plate. I could not do the buttonhole on these pants, the material got eaten up. So, I omitted the buttonholes for the twill tape. No biggie, I did not want it anyways.

I made my pattern piece shorter to accommodate my lack thereof. I think I under measured, because I would have missed about an inch. Not a problem! I made a cuff for my pants, and I think it worked out better that way.

So I know what happened to the material. I bought a walking foot and the material does not get fed into the feeders. I make sure the thread is all the way in the back, and voila! No problems. Thank goodness. I really like these pants, but they are big. I may make them again in a size 12. I already have a stain on them, ugh. And the material is so comfortable. And I will make them about 1 inch shorter on the waist as I am short.
All in all a great pattern, easy to accomplish and you can add some changes really easily if you want to change it up and make it your own.

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