Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sewing plan for the week

Fabricville had a crazy sale on Black Friday, 50% off all material in store, no exceptions. I stocked up on material that was $2.99/meter, at 50% off it came to $1.50 per meter. I chose 3 fabrics, a stretchy orange, light blue and a dark blue unknown fiber. With these 3 choices I can do a few shirts and dresses and if they don’t come out too well, I have not lost a lot of money. If I like them, I will use my “good” material. I also stocked up on the gripper material for my son’s PJ feet, as well as the ribbing material for all the cuffs.
Then, on Monday Fabricville had a sale on patterns! All New Look and Simplicity patterns are $1.99 each.  I have a nice stash and I have to have a plan to get them all done. I don’t want to end up having a stock pile, and not doing anything with them. I am going to start with the easy projects and work my way up to the harder ones.  I have this Friday off, so I want to make 2 dresses and a PJ by then. This week I have a goal, a sewing plan. I want to sew a Christmas tree skirt, finish my shirt I was making during my sewing class; Sam’s PJ’s in a size small, New Look 6125 dress A, Simplicity 2054 either dress B or C.
The Christmas tree skirt I finished. I had some red material that my father had given me 25 years ago, and Simon bought some gold ribbon. I sew the ribbon around the edge and I reinforced the seams at the opening, and Voila! Done. I had to make a rectangular skirt so that it could fit around the table. We put the tree on a table so that Sam would not grab it or knock it down. We used binders to attach the tree to the table and it is SUPER solid. I only needed a skirt to hide it all. In all the years past I draped the red material around the tree base. Now that I am super crafty, I could sew myself something a bit fancier.
I want to try one more PJ for Sam before I make the boys their Christmas PJ’s in the Christmas material I purchased.  I really like the New Look 6525 pattern. It runs big and even the medium was too long on him. I will take the same material I have left over and try the small. Fingers crossed it fits! If at 14 months Sam fits only into a small, this pattern will last a very only time. I have traced the pattern so as to preserve it. I have used it so much that it is starting to get damaged. I even photocopied the original to preserve it.
I had bought a fun simple blue dress at Reitman’s. Simon LOVED it on me. Everyone loved it, and I was thinking that that dress was SO simple. But hey, if people like it, I will take the complement. The problem being it is a small and I am an extra small now. It runs a bit big in the chest area. I found New Look 6125 that is just like it, so I will try to reproduce it. This one has an invisible zipper in the back, so I can leave that for this week’s sewing class. I also have the zipper to do on Simon’s pants, as well as installing a new zipper pull on Tyler’s winter jacket. This week’s class can be about perfecting the zipper.
I don’t think I will add pockets to this first attempt, nor the ribbon. And I want the plain collar for my first attempt.
I am trying to find other reviews to see how this dress sizes. I am really tired of making things for myself that run too big. I want something I can wear!

When I saw this pattern by Cynthia Rowley, Simplicity 2054, something jumped out at me. It is a basic, dress with simple lines. But I like the added details of the sleeves and collar. The more I think about it, the more I want to do dress C, with the cut sleeves.
I think I may make this dress according to my measurements, but in a cheap material. The reviews I read do not say that the pattern runs large. I will have to take the pattern out and see how it measures up against my measurements.

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