Friday, November 30, 2012

My Friday off to a Great start

Yesterday was my 6 year Anniversary, and Hubby decided to give me an awesome treat for my day off. He drove the kids to Nana's this morning. This way I could stay in my jammies and relax (Yeah Right!)
They left at 6:40 and it is now 8:16. My toast just popped and I am done my chores on my list. Tyler was complaining his winter boots were too small. We just bought them this month. He has finally had one of those growth spurts everyone was talking about. We are small people and we grow is small bits. Tyler has grown a few inches this fall, and that is SUPER awesome.
So I decided to go through ALL of the shoes, sandals, boots slippers and organize them by size. I was tired of hunting and digging only to find one left shoe. Now they are all organized from size 3 to 12. I am good, lol.
The second thing I had to do was fold and put away (ugh) all the laundry. 45 minutes later I am having my coffee. Simon had done the laundry last night but did not have tome to fold it. He said it would take me an hour and I scoffed at him. No, he was right, there was a MOUNTAIN of laundry.

SO now that is out of the way, I am starting to blog this morning, I only hope that I have enough steam to plow through my sewing project today! Wish me luck!

1 p.m.

So I finished the arms on my shirt. Nice job. I am satisfied. I even did the hem on the sleeves. Very happy with my results. I tried it on, and it is BIG. I will definitely use a size smaller from now on.

I have to say that my walking foot has been a GREAT investment. I no longer get frustrated sewing with knits or silky material. Both my projects today involve just that!

Just remember to pull the threads out the back, that way they do not bunch up your material. I learned this the hard way.
After this I started on my New Look 6125 dress. I cut the fabric, lining and interfacing all from the same material. This is my "test" dress for size 12. I am using the fabric I bought at Fabricville for $1.50 per meter. I have the dress done up to the point of pinning the dress to the lining. I must have been tired and hungry as I was getting confused and thought best to leave it aside for the moment. Time for Lunch! I will continue this dress at my course tonight. I have to buy an invisible zipper anyways.

I want to finish Sam's PJ size small after my shower. It looks like the Cynthia Rowley dress will just have to wait until tomorrow. 

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