Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simplicity 1916 Misses' Knit Tops

I have decided to make a shirt for my next sewing class project. I chose Simplicity 1916, view A. I had picked out a really nice turquoise stretchy material to match the pants I made in my sewing class. The pants were a washout as they were WAY too big, and not flattering at all. So, I was really hoping that I could make this shirt and wear it. There has not been one thing that I made during the sewing class that I could wear out in public. Stuff I made after at home have come out, and the pants I made for the boys were good. Now, if only I could make something for me!
I had cut out the pattern and material at home. It was straightforward, no issues. I did the first few steps, including the collar, no issues. Then I got to the left and right sides and something was wrong, something DID NOT make sense. What I had done was put the left side on the right side and the right side on the left. Now, being this is stretchy material and if I undid the whole project, including the neckline, the material would rip. SO my sewing instructor help me save it. Now instead of the wrap wrapping to one side, it wraps to the other. No biggie! It is saved.
My instructor, Pauline, suggested when you have a pattern that has a left and a right side, take your tailor's chalk and write LEFT or RIGHT on the piece. That way you do not get confused.
So I only have the arms left to attach and the hem. I tried it on, and it FITS! I used a size 14 and it is a good fit. Unlike all the pants I made a size 14 seems to be good. This pattern is quite low cut, as I found out from other pattern reviews AFTER I cut out the material. I will have to wear this with a camisole underneath. I usually do anyways!
My teacher and I joked that I would not be doing this pattern again. However, after trying it on and seeing that it actually fits, I may just try view D! I will post pictures after I am done this pattern. I have the double jersey Knit needle. I am not sure how to thread it, so I will have to search for some info on the internet before trying it. I will keep you posted!Wish me luck!
This shirt is B-I-G on me. I should have sewed a size 12. Oh well, maybe my niece can wear it? I still have the bottom hem to do, but I want to do this with the serger in my sewing class.

My teacher surged the bottom hem for me and she informed me that there are a few pieces that I put on backwards. With this material it is so hard to tell which side of the fabric is the good side and which is the wrong side. She showed me and I still can't tell. I wore it with a tank top underneath and it looked fine. I am now making everything in size 10, so hopefully these fitting issues will be no more,  

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