Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jalie 2108 Winter Ski jacket class 3 & 4

So week three brings our pockets. Seeing as we did the sample of a zippered pocket in 6 steps, we should be good to go to put the pockets now in our jacket.Simon had MANY pockets, and he was able to do them all with no issues, including the facing for the pocket openings. They just took FOREVER! We are one week behind. Here we are Sunday, after class #4, and we are doing class #4 stuff only now.
What I neglected to say was that it is our anniversary weekend, my mom has the kids and we have wasted all this time F***ing around with my stupid jacket and the princess seams. We have redone the pockets on this at least 4 times. I say f**k it, I give up. Simon will try one last time. I don't care.

So class 4 we learn to install a facing at the bottom to the jacket, a drawstring or jupette and the removable hood. So far we have done the drawstring and we are doing the facing. I hope we have enough time to finish Simon's jacket. It is looking really professional. Mine is sitting on the couch looking sad and depressed. I hate my jacket.

 Here is Simon's jacket at the end of a long journey. So glad the finish is in sight!

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