Monday, November 9, 2015

Jalie 3353 Cocoon Cardigan

Simon and I had the opportunity to go to Tonitex ALONE with NO KIDS! We went to Stretch Text,  Canada Asia Threads and then to Tonitex. It was a good thing that we had to be at Tyler’s school for 1 pm. Otherwise it would have been MUCH more expensive. Simon saw this awesome knit fabric. It is red and white and very light. It would be perfect for a cardigan. He said I MUST buy it.

I loved the fabric as well, but I was nervous sewing with it. It looks like it can come apart very easily and may be hard to manipulate. The Jalie Cocoon Cardigan has a collar that goes all around the garment. It may prove to be difficult to work with. But I bought it anyways; ready to take on the challenge.

We bought some red thread from Canada Asia Threads, so we had enough to have the serger and the CoverPro threaded and ready for use. I wanted to make the cardigan in a smaller size. I previously used size U and it was a bit big. I went down to a T and it is perfect. 

I liked using the CoverPro machine, it gave a nice solid finish to the collar. You can't tell because of the fabric and the colors, but it came out nicely. i was afraid it would be hard to sew together, the knit is so loose. I used my walking foot and it sewed on with no problems. 

(Don't mind the no makeup and hair, I had no kids for the weekend and we did not want to leave the house) 

The cardigan hangs nicely and it is super comfortable. Sizing down was a good thing. 

It is low in the back, I did not reduce the length. I think 2 like this is enough. I will try the drop pocket cardigan from Jalie next I think. 

You can see this size is much better. 

I was glad it turned out well. When you have special fabric and you use it, you want it to be a wearable garment. 

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