Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kwik Sew 2017 - Sweatpants

I got Kwik Sew's 2017 pattern from a friend. I am on a mission to use up what I have on hand. However, I do not have enough  material for sweatpants. I may be short, but not short enough for the material I have!
Simon and I took a trip to Tonitex. We bought jogging fleece, a nice thick black material. I bought 1 1/2 meters, the perfect amount with a bit left over.
Since the sweatshirt was floating on me in a small, I decided to measure out the XS pants. Perfect fit for what I want. Now the elastic they call for is 22 inches for the XS. This is the measurement I use for my 7 year old! Obviously this pattern was meant to be worn loose, but not in today's fashion!

I used the XS and as you can see they fit nicely. They are not too baggy and they are not too tight.

 I learned how to use my coverpro machione (sort of, still working it out) But I USED the machine. YEAHHHHH! It gives a good result (when you know what you are doing)

 I hope to understand this machine much better in the near future. Simon was watching videos on YouTube. He will show me the ins and outs real soon, I am sure.

The length was nice and I did not want to install rib cuffs for the bottom. I used the coverpro to finish the hem.

 I put in my standard label to indicate the back. I tried them on and found they run way too high waisted for my standards. I am short, so I should have verified this before tracing the pattern. There is a line to shorten the rise, I removed 1 fold from the top waist, and it fits very well.

 This pattern is a standard. Pants and Shirt. I can use cuffs, no cuffs. Long version of the top, short, with hood, no hood. Kangaroo pouch in front or not. There are a few options to change this pattern around. I am very happy for a free oldie but goodie!

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