Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kwik Sew 1698 - Boy's shirt

Here is another pattern from the stash that was given to me. Thankfully someone out there used many boy's and men's Kwik Sew patterns and did not cut them or throw them out. I find boy's patterns don't go out of style too often. You don't need too many patterns for the boys. You can change it up with color blocking, topstitching and fabric choices.

This pattern is so old I can not find it in the database of Sewing pattern review. I had to Google the Roman Numerals to figure out what year it was from. It is 1987. Wow, it is 28 years old. Not much has changed in terms of boy's patterns for tops. A top is a top is a top I guess!

I chose View B, long sleeve, size 8. What is great about this pattern is it starts at size 8. I will get MANY uses out of this pattern. Thank you Bryan once again for this stash of patterns.

This weekend the boys are away at camp so I wanted to get a few patterns done. Friday we went shopping on Chabel / St- Laurent and picked up many great fabrics. The one Simon found is a warm, thick, furry fabric. I have enough to make sweatshirts for all 3 boys.

I started with Tyler's and used this Kwik Serge pattern. Like all boy's tops, it is quick and simple. Simon got the opportunity to play with the CoverPro and worked on topstitching the neck. He did a great job. We (meaning He) has the CoverPro figured out now. It is about time! How many years ago did he buy that machine for me at Mother's day?

Here is Tyler's sweater. We did a great job! He will be very warm and snugly in this one. 
I put a small piece of rib to indicate the back. Tyler does not like big tags, they bother him. This is sewed into the seams.Otherwise he will end up putting this on backwards.

I used black rib for the cuffs. They were quick to sew on. I used the 4 pin system to evenly distribute the cuff. I did not topstitch the cuffs afterwards. I did not want to fight with the tiny cuffs and it does not need it. 

I used the CoverPro to sew the bottom hem. I love the wurr of this machine! Here you can see the back side of the hem. 

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