Sunday, December 2, 2012


So I learned all about zippers on Friday. For Simon's pants we had bought the wring kind of zipper. We agonized over the color and the type of metal and pull to buy. We selected a 9inch zipper(as per the pattern). But w bought a zipper that opens at the end. Oops. It worked out well as the 8 inch zipper fits perfectly and we do not need to cut it at all. That zipper is done.

Now, for the jacket that is missing a pull on the liner. The zipper on the other side has a number 5 on it. Apparently, certain zippers aren't manufactured or distributed in the US and you can't replace the heads, you have to replace the whole zipper. This I did not know...then. We checked the number on the back of the zipper slider, it was a 5, but no letter. The zippers sliders at Fabricville were number 5, but with letters as well. I tried them, none worked. Seeing as this zipper is for the inside lining that can be removed in the fall or early spring, Pauline advised me to just sew it together by hand, and when needed remove the stitches, seeing as it will stay in place for winter. Good idea, less headaches. 
So, what is on the sewing agenda for Sunday? The feet on Sam's PJ's, the dress that i thought was ohh so simple, and the back of the fly for Simon's pants, I have the make the buttonhole. 

Oh, and cook a turkey. Totally unrelated, but we have one defrosted in the fridge and it is calling ym name!

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