Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Pjamams! McCalls 6475 - Easy Onsie PJ and New Look 6525

Today I decided to finally make the Christmas PJ's for my boys. I will be making the McCalls 6475 size 3-4 and the New Look 6525 size small.

I used 2 tables to lay the material out and cut the fabric. For 2 small kids, there sure is A LOT of fabric!

I decided not to use the pockets, hood and feet for the McCalls one.
It was super easy to sew, it took a grand total of 2 hours from tracing the pattern to sewing it up.
I sure hope it fits Tyler!

 I did not see the need to make the feet. I was disappointed I could not find a pattern for a onesie with feet attached. These feet are attached by Velcro. In the end it is ok as Tyler finds his onesies too hot. He always takes off his socks. 
I did not want the hood as he would not like it, and the pockets are kinda useless on pj's, no?

Now I had lunch, on to Sam's PJ's. they are more complicated and detailed than Tyler's. This McCall's pattern is so simple, I did not even need to read the directions. I always do, it is just good practice. It is like cooking, you always read your recipe from start to finish, that way there are no surprises.

I am glad I took the 3-4 and not the 5. This is a bit long on Tyler and wide. Granted my children are small, but Ty  does wear a size 5 clothing. If you are not sure, take a PJ that you know fits and place it next to the pattern. This tends to run big. This is a good this as it will last for a long time. 

So it took me until December 24th the finish Sam's PJ's. This is the 4th time I make these, you would think it would go easier. The problem is when you think you don't need instructions and you are good, that is when you make silly mistakes. I had to rip out my stitches for the collar and the feet.
I have made a few modifications. You REALLY need a longer zipper. Diaper changes are extremely hard with such a short diaper. Just trying to get them on and off is impossible. I thought I had bought a 20 inch zipper but could not find it, so maybe I didn't buy such a long one. I wanted the zipper to go down the leg. Anyhow it went right down to the leg. Good enough.
I don't like the collar. Next time I will make the ends straight and not curved.
The collars for the wrists are too long. I cut them 5/8 of an inch smaller. What happened was I sewed them together, tried to attach them and said "Nope too big". On the other sleepers they were too loose as well. So I cut them at the seam and resewed them. Perfect. 
Oh, I almost forgot! I used jiffy grip on the feet. I used the flannel as a liner and I put the grippy material on the bottoms. No more slipping!

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