Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Look 6125

So I decided on Friday that I would get a few projects completed. I chose so called "easy" patterns. Now, I realize that I am new and what is considered easy by many is complicated by me. I have never done a dress with a lining attached so it is a bit confusing. I got to use my dress form that I purchased on Kijiji for $40, so I feel good!
I bought a light blue stretchy material of unknown fibers from this past Black Friday sale at Fabricville for $1.50/meter. If I scrap it, no big deal. I used the same material for the lining.

Lining up the material was a breeze. Cutting it out was simple. No confusion so far. What confused me was attaching the lining and having to pull it through and upside down and around the bend and so forth.... I am new, it sounded bizarre and I did not want to make a mistake, so I waited until my sewing class.
My sewing teacher says I have a knack for finding easy patterns that are more complicated than they appear.
I am now at the part where all pieces are together and I have turned the liner to it's proper direction. Next I will sew up the sides and then the zipper and the hems. It will have to wait until Friday and a screaming baby and active toddler are not very conducive for my concentration.

So I sewed the sides and the back. I (rather my instructor) sewed the invisible zipper. It was super easy, but you need the invisible zipper foot, which I do not. I used my instructor's. Now all I have to do it sew the lining to the zipper on the inside (one side is done) and sew the hem. Don't forget to make the lining shorter than your dress. I am so happy that I made a dress that I can actually wear! I am so glad I took a size smaller. I will try it on properly tomorrow when I finish it.  I think I will make this dress again. I want to make it for the summer, but with a heavier fabric that does not require a lining. And I want to make it without the zipper.


So I finished the dress. Make the lining in something a lot lighter and this pattern runs large. Or I am SUPER tiny, or both. I felt like crying, yet another thing I have made that is too big. Forget it, I am going with a size 10 from now on. Maybe we can take this in and omit the zipper? In the pictures I did not press the seams so they seam a little bumpy, but they aren't. I just did not bother the press the seams seeing as I have to take them out. And note my disappointment on my face (sans makeup and with dark circles, I am brave) This dress is so big that I look large in it. I am a RTW size 0.
I am happy that I got to use the double needle for the hem and I did a nice job, if I do say so myself!

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