Saturday, December 8, 2012

Smooth tracing wheel

SO I used my instructor's smooth tracing wheel during one of my classes, and
WOW! What a difference. My marking tools S-U-C-K! They do not give nice clean lines, I never can see where the marks are from the carbon paper.

So last night I looked around Fabricville, no SMOOTH tracing wheels, only serrated. So I asked Pauline where I could find one and she told me they stopped making it. Why? The smooth one is the only one that transfers my markings properly. Off t the internet I go in search of the perfect tracing wheel with low shipping costs. I could ship some in from the US, but there would be extra duty costs involved. There is EBAY, but they are from the US. One place in Canada, but for $20?

Now as you all know, I am married to wonderful man, who can build anything. More than that he NEEDS to have projects. He NEEDS to make stuff. Here is a nice project for him. Make me one. He is up to the challenge. Unless you can tell me where to buy one in Canada? Or have it shipped within Canada?
Yesterday we went to Deserres, Michaels and then back to Michaels, and nothing. At Deserres we saw a kit that had a small roller in it, but it cost close to $40. It was a kit for sculpting or working with metals, or something.
Then Hubby suggested we get a screen tool, the roller tool that you use to install the mosquito screen on a door. I Googled it at and I saw the perfect tool! 
It seems like the perfect width and it does not have a sharp edge that would cut the paper and fabric. It costs $7.19 so it is affordable. I will run over to Rona today and pick one up. I will keep you posted and let you know how it works out! Who knew it would be so difficult finding supplies?

 As you can see it is much bigger than my current tracing wheel. There is one side that is way too wide, so you have to check it before you start tracing

 The width of the blade is good. It is not too wide.
Because it is smooth and not sharp, it does not pierce the paper or your fabric. So if you want to reuse your patterns, it will keep the integrity in place.
 And just look at the lines it makes! Perfect!

 I contacted Prym Dritz Canada and said that I could not find their smooth tracing wheel. I left a message with their customer service and emailed them. They called me back the next morning! Their offices are in St-Laurent, SOOOOO close to my office. So they said that I could go to their offices and pick them up! I got the plain one and the ergonomic one. I am going to tell my instructor to tell the manager at fabricville to stock these! For sure everyone in my class will purchase one.

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