Monday, April 1, 2013

American & Efrid Canda

I discovered American and Efrid today. Rather, I sent Simon on his day off. He went to Canada Asia Threads to buy serger thread for my bathing suit. Good thing we asked, it takes special thread. Off he went to Can Sew where he picked up extensible thread for Lycra at $13 for serger thread 1 pound, and $15 for 1 pound of thread he can use on the sewing machine and the serger.

Off I then sent him to American & Efrid to buy his Kai left handed scissors. Now I know I paid too much for my Kai scissors at Fabricville. I paid $100 and his scissors were $71, Big difference.

At A&E the 1 pound spools are $12. My sister's boyfriend was telling us of this store yesterday. He buys his mother's notions for embroidery there. He then ships it to her in Scotland. What he pays for around $200 here she would pay $1800 in Scotland! WOW! I also picked up a box of 36 Pencil chalks for$17.

A&E sells threads, Ludlow textiles, wire & cable, Robison-Anton thread, Embroidery notions and backings, adhesives, Bemis clear elastic, Chalks and pencils, cleaning supplies, Cords, cutting room supplies, elastics, faswell hook and loop, Fratelli Leoni elastics, Fulflex rubber elastic,  Kai scissors, Odif adhesives, packaging, pattern paper, pins, snaps, clips, tagging accessories, webbing and twill tape, welt cord. The list is endless.

They are located past the 25 (highway to the Tunnel). Just take the 40 east and take the exit Roi-Rene. They are located at 8301, Ray Lawson Blvd, Anjou. Their customer service is great, they speak perfect English.

8301 Ray Lawson Blvd. Anjou
Phone : (514) 352-4800
Fax : (514) 352-5075
Toll free : 1-800-361-0787
Email :

You can see their catalogue online here.


  1. Just found your blog. I am enjoying the Montreal fabric shop posts...I think I may plan a trip there soon.

  2. Thanks. A&E really does have competitive prices. They are a bit farther, but if you have a car, it is worth it.