Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring line-up

I decided to forgo the next 2 sewing class sessions. I will reenlist only in September. I want to work on projects that I already know how to do. Pants for Simon, Pj's for the kids, Shorts for Simon, shirts for everyone. And maybe the swim suit that I started.

This liberates me on the one hand, and it stresses me out on the other. Those 3 hours every Friday night ensured I had QUIET time to sew. It gave me the luxury of me time, without kids screaming, crying, demanding attention. Now what am I going to do????? Simon says that whatever I need, just ask. But it just is not the same. So I have to push myself and dedicate the time. Scouts will end for the summer at the end of May, so Thursday and Fridays I will have free.

Project #1) Kwik Sew jeans 3504 for Simon, this time straight leg and in the brown heavy material

Project #2) Kwik Sew shorts 3884 for Simon

Project #3) Jalie underwear 3242 for Tyler, Simon and me

Project #4) Jalie T shirt 2918 for Simon

Project #5) Pj's for the boys

I reserve the right to change this list at any time, I reserve the right to modify it in bits or in its entirety. I reserve the right to add subtract, reorder or just plain abandon at any time. No stress!

What are your plans for sewing?

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