Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!! No, really, I do! We just bought my birthday gift. The big 4-0. It is only in August, but the sale ended March 1st, and I had my eye in the Husqvarna serger for months. That was the one I wanted and if I waited I would have to pay $300 more.
So here I am having fun tinkering with it. Then I have to work on my Singer Esteem. This machine B-L-O-W-S. It eats fabric, the buttonhole maker works for beans, it whines, it shakes, the thread gets all garbled up no matter what I do to the tension, it skips stitches, etc....
This past Friday my sewing class was a bust. All that I did on Simon's short was ruined. The pocket looks like garbage and the fabric slipped and I needed to rip out all my stitches. I was already in a pissy mood before the class, imagine me after the wasted 3 hours. 
Off to Excelle Machine a Coudre Saturday morning. We had previously gone in and looked at the Janome MC 6600. Later on I had Simon call and ask for the price for the Janome Memory Craft 8200. She quoted us plus the table. Simon thought I was crazy for having him call so many times and ask questions. When I call they say they don't give prices over the phone. But when he calls, he gets all the info he wants. In the end, I don't care (much), as he  got the lower price and the table included for FREE!

So I have this WONDERFUL new machine. It purrs and wurrs, it does all kinds of things I will eventually figure out. And I did not get a chance to sew this weekend :( Simon wanted to make a pair of underwear himself. He wants to use the Serger all by himself. He traced his pattern and he will cut out the material next. He picked a Jalie pattern. They are great. They include all sizes, from kids to adults. Very economical. And the paper is super thick. Wonderful. Plus Jalie comes from Quebec, nice to support local talent.

For now I do not know my machines enough to post anything on them, only that I am SPOILED and HAPPY.

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