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Montreal's Garment district

My father was an importer of material and his office was located at 9310 boul. St-Laurent, corner Chabanel. I have fond memories of accompanying my father to work. We would go to business breakfasts, lunches, dinners. I would help my father in his office, drawing him pictures. This was back in the 80's when the district was in full swing. St-Hubert street was not full of beggars and Chabanel on a Saturday was INSANE! Nowadays St-Hubert street has more stores closed than open and Chabanel/St-Laurent is old and fading. But I do LOVE shopping there.

On my first day of vacation today I went shopping with my husband, sans children. The deals we got are amazing, and I am going to share with you the places we went. Now, we did not get to a fraction of the stores, but here is what we found.

I wanted to start my day with looking for something I actual have a project for. Simon's underwear. I wanted spandex. We went to Suzie Spandex at 9320 boul. St-Laurent, suite 601. They are super nice there. The availability of spandex and stretch boggles the mind. Go there with a project in mind or else you will buy everything! I will have to go back there for my bathing suits. The prices are way better that a fabric store.

We then went downstairs to Stretch Text in suite 300.They are amazingly nice. We bought 2 meters of tricot stretch in black at $5 a meter. He gave us more that 2 meters, he gave us extra. He offered to cut us samples of fabric if we needed.

The best place that we found for fabric for our curtains was Salon Marocaon, Tissus Mayda, located at 99 Chabanel Ouest, suite 444. We paid $3 per meter for our curtain material and $5 per meter for the sheers. At fabricville they start the prices at $25 per meter! They have all sorts of material for fashion, apolstry, sheers etc! They take Mastercard and Visa, and of course cash.

Just beside at 9176 boul. St-Laurent we found Canada Asia Threads. They have every single color of serger thread. We bought HUGE serger cones for $1.50 each.  We also snagged black 1 1/4 "elastic. We paid $4 for the WHOLE roll. He also sells accessories of industrial machines.

We went into Tonitex. They have a huge selection of choice, the place is immense. I was not impressed too much with their prices, especially after Chabanel street.

I will have to make it one day to 111 Chabanel and 333 Chabanel. the higher to address the more $$$.

Here is a running list of places. I will try to update it when I go back. I just dug out my father's address and I will go check out his floor for memories. It has been 23 years since he passed, and this will bring a tear to my eyes. Good memories.

What other gems have you found? Please feel free to link to my list. Please feel free to repost it, but please give credit!

St-Laurent and Chabanel

1) Canada Asia Threads
Serger threads (starting at 0.90 each), eleastic
9176 boul. St-Laurent

2) Stretch Text
spandex and stretch fabrics
9320 Blvd. St. Laurent #300, H2N 1N7
(514) 389-0813

3) Suzie Spandex
spandex and lycra
9320 boul. St-Laurent, suite # 601, H2N 1N7

4) Piranha Zippers
9600 Boul. St.Laurent, suite 502
Not sure if it is still there

5) Tonitex
9630 blvd. St-laurent, H2N1R
8.30- 5.00 Mon-Fri, 9.00-4.00 Sat, Sun Closed
Huge selection

111 Chabanel building it's the seventh floor
333 Chabanel building it's the third floor.
99 Chabanel building it's the fourth floor

6) Can sew
thread, serger thread
111 Chabanel West, Suite 101,

7) Canzip
Zippers, bulk mim 25
1615 Chabanel

8) Tissus Mayda
fabric, fashion, sheers, upholstery, drapery, drapery tape....
99, rue Chabanel Ouest suite 444



10) Rubans Boutons
7 363, rue St-Hubert Mtl (Qc) H2R 2N4
Mon 13h-18h, tue-wed 10h-18h, thurs frid 10h-19h sat 10-17h00 sun closed

11) Ultratext
great trims and notions

12) Goodman-Carlyle 
7193, rue Saint-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2R 2N2

13) Sam Textiles / Draperies Saratex
Fabric, drapery fabric, bading, accessories
7195 St-Hubert

14) Draperies St. Hubert
fabric for draperies, sheers, laces and made-to-measure
7196 St-Hubert

15) Myrlene Decors
valances, curtains, fabrics
7207 St-Hubert

16) Textiles Debouk
7254 St-Hubert

17) Tissus Tueni
7442 Rue St-Hubert

18) C & M Textiles
7500 St-Hubert

19) Kava
6000-yd. serger cones for $2 
7609 St Hubert, Montreal, QC H2R 2N7
514) 271-2888, mon-fri 9H00 à 18H00, Sam 10H00 à 15H00, Dim Fermé

20) Rix Rax
801 Gifford, Montreal, H2J 1P1
514-522-8971, CLOSED Mon & SUN, TUE & WED 11-18h, THURS & FRIDAY 11-19H, SAT: 11-5


club tissue

American and Efird Canada
Thread, Embroidery Supplies, Notions
8301 Ray Lawson Blvd., Ville d'Anjou, QC, H1J 1X9
Minimums: $35 - $50 per order

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